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  1. It's not supposed to be a personal affront by any means. Hats of to Bazzaz for tackling the VFR1200 and fixing the issues, I for one am pumped to hear about it. But the difference between what one company can do to a bike with all the right people working on it, and a COTS (Commercial off the shelf) product are significant. I'm been anxiously watching this thread since you started it, with my credit card in hand. Meanwhile, my PCV arrived this weekend. Whoever gets the Z-Bomb or equivilent solution to the market first will get my money.
  2. most humans have that too So are the results repeatable for the rest of us, or do I need to ship my bike to them to get a z-bomb. ;)
  3. Still waiting for the "claim" to be verified in the public domain... I sure wish Honda would cooperate more with aftermarket vendors...
  4. Super interesting Z-Bomb claim... I'm hoping DynoJet will follow suit with an Ignition Retard Controller Module, and some members actually post dyno runs of the Z-Bomb and other fixes, not just claims from manufacturers...
  5. It was actually a guy on either 1000rr.net or 1000rr.com that figured it out. Sold his home copy to a handful of WERA guys, then Bazzaz bought the rights from him. Since then DynoJet, and a handful of other companies came out with the same product.
  6. Looking at the pictures near where you guys are making the modification.... Is that a standard molex connector that we could buy to create an inline harness with a switch, rather than cutting up the OEM wires?
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