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  1. I just posted. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/80304-97-vfr-750-to-vfcbr-conversion/ And yes it was worth it on my 97 VFR to 929 susp/600rr body VFCBR converison!!!
  2. What an extraordinary clean build. Nice work! I'm really loving the sound of the 2bro's slipon too! My left side exit exhaust makes finding an exhaust that wont be 100% custom a bit difficult.
  3. I just finished updating my 97 VFR with 01 CBR 929RR front Forks and 06 CBR 600RR fairings. The 929 forks are about as easy a swap as possible however it fits pretty tight in relation to the radiator, both in lock to lock turning and full compression. I cut and clocked the upper radiator mounts to pull it in tighter and pulled the bottom in tighter to finally get everything to fit. The change in offset and height shortened the wheelbase a tad but the bike turns in like a proper sportbike now and both the handling and brakes have much more confidence. I have the 929rr rear shock as well but wanted to put time on just the front end first to understand the difference in feel between the two changes.
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