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  1. Looks like fun guys - but I burnt all my riding time tokens last week on a 5 day cruise through the same area. If you think you will be into central MA area on Sunday send a note and I might be able to sneak away for the afternoon and play. Otherwise will definitely be up for next time through - enjoy!!
  2. Thanks for the comments and feedback! The stock screen isnt cutting it (no pun intended.....) The MRA screen is improved, but only slighty. My jacket and helmet could very well may be part of the problem - do note that it is the same jacket and helmet I used when I had my 2000 VFR, and I never recall it being a problem (note that it has been a few years, my mind has failed, and I may not remember things all that well). No downside to continue to experiment before cutting: I have a different helmet I can try. My primary is an Arai, the second is a kbh. I have read various helmet threads and am up for getting a new helmet if this helps... just not ready to start experimenting on $600 tests. I DO believe a helmet skirt would help, since with the stock screen I can scruntch my shoulders up around the neckline of the helmet - shutting down the gap, and improving the wind noise dramatically. Using a helmet skirt full time would be a little bit of a pain (but would do this if that is what it took) I can try with, and without a jacket. Heck, I could try a test shirtless with ky jelly slathered all over me (its not obvious to me why I would want to do this.....) I can try different riding conditions (traffic, etc) - but - if its not a comfortable ride when cruising along in clean air, Im not sure optimizing for traffic and other situations is worthwhile. I can try the above at different speeds (I have already tried up to about 100 mph.. or more.... will leave it at that). Do note that the MRA is an improvement over the stock screen up to about 50/60 mph. Of everything I have tried to date, removing the screen entirely has had the most dramatic effect Stay tuned.......
  3. I know a LOT has been posted on this. I have a 6th Gen and have been plagued by wind buffeting since new. I recently added the Vario Touring screen..... limited help - the best setting was with the shield all the way flat. So I removed the screen entirely and tried it - WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! Smooth, quiet air stream (I could even ride without ear plugs!!). Next step is to cut down the stock screen. Given how smooth it ran with no screen at all, its not clear I could cut it too much.... maybe just offering the instruments a little protection. And put my brand new Vario up for sale (dang... $150 down the tube on that one) Really surprising to me just how severe the wind buffeting really is with the stock screen, essentially ruining the enjoyment of riding. The aftermarket screen very marginal improvement. Anyone considering trying a new screen - TRY IT WITHOUT A SCREEN FIRST! Might save you the expense of iteration.
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