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  1. The factory exhaust merge configuration on the 8th gen was done for manufacturing cost savings not performance. This is why the 8th gen sees the greatest benefit from the WiLD Headers. Running the WiLD Headers on an 8th gen shouldn’t cause any long term problems except difficulty wiping the sh!t eating grin off your face!
  2. Received mine and it looks great... I have a few other garage projects for my cages that need repair before I will get to it. Thanks again, Seb!
  3. So help me understand, it sounds like you asking someone else to scroll back and find the page with the information your looking for then send you the thread page number?
  4. I’m partial to W.i.L.D. Headers ( for Wade, Lance, and Darryl)
  5. Size matters... check ID & OD dimensions. OEM sized exhaust gaskets do squish and stick out into the exhaust gas stream with these headers. That’s why Lance and Darryl sourced the larger diameter Delkevic gaskets to help optimize the performance of these headers.
  6. I think VFRcapn is working through the 8th gen rads on a 5th gen engine using the 8th gen headers. I bought a set of 8th gen headers for a similar reason. The link pipe and undertail silencers will be all you... let us know how it goes!
  7. Just curious... how many sets of W.i.L.D Headers have been produced so far?
  8. Great idea! @JKBoyd, can you connect with Darryl or Lance? They would have a list of all the 5th gen header purchasers to PM.
  9. I with you, put me down for one of each
  10. I checked with my engineer and passivation and polishing/wire brushing are not the same net effect with 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is more than 50% iron, around 20% chromium and about 10% nickel. Passivation dissolves the iron on the surface leaving the chromium, nickel, and other trace elements on the surface. These metals left on the surface oxidize when air dried after the acid treatment and form the protective oxide layer that prevents the iron underneath from oxidizing (rust). Polishing/wire brushing exposes fresh top surface of metal; in 304 stainless steel this is more
  11. I'm familiar with passivation. I've worked in food manufacturing for decades and passivated plenty of stainless steel equipment. The reason I asked the question is it has been my experience with stainless steel storage tanks and other equipment we always passivated after polishing the tanks. I wasn't sure if polishing the headers after passivation could compromise or remove part of the oxide layer and leave the polished headers more susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  12. Does anyone know if polishing the headers effects the passivation?
  13. I'm with you, Man! I'll take one too... I think I'm going to need it in the near future
  14. Are these bung plugs short enough where they don't extend into the exhaust stream?
  15. Hey Seb, I hope you and your family are safe and well ! I’ll take one. Thanks Man!
  16. Look what BEAUTIFUL curves showed up at my house today! Box and contents arrived immaculate... thank you for taking such good care packing up my 5th gen goodies. I think these will become family heirlooms to be cherished by my descendants for generations! Lance and Darryl you guys ROCK!!!
  17. Thanks for checking. I might just swap in a 6th gen cushion and get rear sets and quick shifter in the process
  18. Hey Seb, I know it is for 6th gens but my 5th gen mid-pipe doesn’t have a stop. What does it mount to and could I use it on a 5th gen? Russ
  19. Thank you for all you & Duc2V4 have done!!! Most people will never realize the amount of work it took to bring this to fruition. The hours, days, weeks, months, years of effort... like having second job but not getting paid for it! You did what none of us were able to in the past... What you have done is amazing and our community can never thank you enough! I look forward to hearing from you on the 5th gen headers! With my sincere gratitude and respect, Russ
  20. FedEx emailed that my 8th gens should be here today... so excited!
  21. You are correct, sir... the Rapidbike can use the narrow band OEM sensors with a standard map or the upgrade Autotune with a wideband O2 sensor. Heh, heh, heh... Bung-holio!
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