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  1. I love all the black bikes - So Cal has only red and RWB colors! hehehe and black is fastest!
  2. Hey Kelly, welcome to VFRD! :goofy: Not sure if the 06 up were as affected as the earlier Vtec's with this issue, but I would just check your fuses first. If it is a blown fuse, it could be a simple case of a harness wire that has rubbed through the insulation on a single wire and shorting on something metal. This can happen from either the poor re-installation by a Dealer tech after a service or a drop repair. I can't remember if the ABS model has the dues box in the same place as the standard model,which is under the right dash access panel. If you don't have a shop manual you can download one right here in VFRD download section. :goofy: BR Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I had no owners manuel so didnt even know where the fuse box was. I downloaded the manuel and found out my bike has two fuse pannels on left and right side, luckly I toke your advise and started on the right once I figured out how to take fairing pannel cover off. Replaced the 10 amp fuse and ssshes up and working again, so my test ride for tomorrow is going to honda and getting some spare 10 amp fuses. Thanks for your help! Kelly
  3. Ok, Im a newbie here and purchased a used 2006 VFR800 ABS from a used motorcycle shop last saturday. Drove it 145 miles home, Sunday drove it to church and on the way home the head lights, gauges, and taillight quit working. Although the bike continued to run! It has a little over 7000 miles on it! And after seeing all these wiring issues and me not being to mechanically inclined I think im going to take it back. After reading these posts im not sure if this problem will ever go away? The problem also is that the dealer I bought it from is 145 miles away. They told me bring it back and we will fix it no problem which is good! but far away if this happens again! What do you guys think? if you had the oppratunity to get something different would you? Thanks, Kelly
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