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  1. VFR750-FL project bought

    I have a similar bike. I have attached a photo of the wiring behind the instruments. They are excellent bikes. I love mine.
  2. I posted "Moving the R/R to the front" in 2010 and the RR is still working fine. If you search you should find it.
  3. Gear Position Indicator

    I have just installed a "cheapie" chinese gear indicator on my Gen 3. The only problem I have is that when I stop and shift to neutral it displays 2. This is because the earth supplied by my neutral switch is not zero ohms as it has deteriorated over time and is now about 3 ohms. If I use a good earth it does switch to zero. This seems to be a common problem with older bikes. However this only affects the display when I stop, and I can fit a new neutral switch and solve this minor problem if I want to. I have used it for a couple of days and done about 3 hours of urban riding with lots of gear changes and it has worked perfectly. I have mounted it at the top right of my instrument panel where it is easily seen. Its nice to know that the right gear is selected when you change down for a corner for example. The gear display is a nice clean blue, and not as seen in this photograph which is overexposed.

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