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  1. bluegen1e

    triple installed

    Beautiful bike! What's the clear hose for?
  2. great write up. love the clear case... any chance of making one for a 4th gen? My 95 viffer with 20k just started giving me clutch issues. the clutch only engages when I pull it all the way back. I use to just pull with two fingers but now I have to grab with all 4 and pull it all the way back to shift. It's also bit hard to go from neutral to 1st even with it pulled all the way back. just doesn't engage. I had the fluid flushed but still the same, albeit it did make it a ssslightly better. I was going to order a EBC SRK rebuild kit and give it a go, but would LOVE to get some opinions before I make the investment. thanks guys!
  3. Hey HispanicSlammer, thanks for the write up. I had the same issue with my 4th gen and thanks to this post now its fixed. Here is the part number for the 4th gen Speedometer, joint. : 44808-MR7-013 Note: when installing the new joint do not force it in. just push in as far as it goes with light pressure.
  4. bluegen1e

    My 4G Viffer

    I will post pics as I make upgrades to my bike.
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