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  1. Jay, the photo in "G. Left Front Caliper, Inner/Centre Bleed Screw" shows actuating the SMC, but I think this line is done with the rear brake pedal - please confirm. Also, for the record, I never remove the front left caliper for fluid replacement - I just manually actuate the SMC with the caliper in place. Works fine and you don't risk wearing out the mounting bolts or squeezing the pads together making reassembly difficult. I'd also like to point out that with speedbleeders, when doing the SMC line, if you don't close the speedbleeder on PCV, the rear pedal will not force the SMC back o
  2. Jon, I'm revitalizing this thread. Tonight I rewired my SpeedoHealer as you suggested. I do feel better about the concept that the ECU will now be getting the stock unmodified signal as it was designed to do and the corrected SpeedoHealer signal now runs just to the instrument panel and speedometer. So, first of all, a huge thank you to Jon (Coderighter) for his excellent research on this and for sharing his great solution. The only thing I did differently is that I removed the pin from the instrument side of the light grey connector and soldered my new wire directly onto the upper part of t
  3. BartmanEH

    Halloween 2011

    BartmanEH and Speedball73 dress up as CHiPs' Ponch and John for Halloween
  4. BartmanEH

    Ponch & John

    From the album: Halloween 2011

    BartmanEH and Speedball73
  5. From the album: Halloween 2011

    The original CHiPs TV Series featured Ponch and John. We've kinda extended this to, well, Ponch and John... and John.
  6. Version 14 NOV 2012


    There are several really great and easy to use online microfiche websites. However, when it comes to finding a part and you're unsure of exactly which microfiche its on, it can be somewhat difficult to find. I wanted an offline microfiche and parts list document that was searchable to find what I needed or take with me when I'm working on the VFR. I couldn't find one anywhere so I thought I'd make one from the printable versions of the online ones. Well, this turned out to be much harder than I anticipated. After countless hours of downloading, saving pages, editing them for readability a
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