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  1. banderso


    Up to Tellico Plains and across the Cherahola Sunday. Let me rephrase that... hahah Up to Tellico Plains and attempted to cross the Cherohala Mostly good road conditions up from GA, 515/60/68, some dampness on the shaded areas, but nothing to really slow you down. Past Tellico Plains upwards to 4000', pretty nice. Started to see some snow on the side of the road, no biggie, motor on. Once into Graham Co, though , things begin to change. Snow begins to creep into the roadway where ever the road is shaded. On and on, road is progressivley covered with snow and ice, until we come across a young lady on a Ducati hypermotard, on her side. Oops, probably best we turn around. So.... almost across... bill
  2. HI,

    ever get rid of the exhaust?

    I am near Atlanta.

  3. banderso


    Only one rugged individualist in the group. \hahahahah
  4. I have not lowered my shifter... but really need to.... So, I will find out in the morning. Remember, you can bend the kickstand peg back and down to clear. thanks for the heads up bill
  5. Is that a Staintune exhaust?
  6. banderso

    Getting jiggy on GA129

    I ride up there every few weeks. This must be a doctored picture or he is falling over.... The speed limit is 35 mph.
  7. Are we SURE he kept on through the corner? Maybe he dropped it.... ;)
  8. Hey, where was the picture taken? I used to live near Champaign IL and travelled via Rt 36 to Indy.
  9. banderso

    Deals Gap June 2005

    VTECAL, How was the road conditionis? Last time I was there (June) the LE presence was stifiling. Never got over 25 mph.... I finally went to the Cherohola skyway and had a great time. Are those mirror extensions? best regards banderso
  10. banderso

    First Ride To Work 2005

    That's a great looking bike. I had a 1991 and still regret selling it. Oh well, kid needed to go to college. I also had a 1985 VF1000R. Loved the cam gear whine.
  11. banderso


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