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  1. VIFFER93

    Street Rides

  2. VIFFER93

    VFR Track Bike

    I found a 1993 VFR under a green tarp in an appartment complex. I found the owner and took it home. I already have a 1993 but never wanted to modify it because it is in great shape. I will be doing modifications and get the "Beaker Bike" ready for the track and have one for the street.
  3. Front wheel white. Totally agree and it is on the list for winter. 4 track days with her and I recieve complements every session. I can also say the bike is way more capable then I am.
  4. Actually, I rode it that way last year and it was not bad but I am fabricating a seat for it.
  5. '05 cbr fairings, R1 forks. I have the build documented in the 3rd gen section.
  6. Vise grips with sharp teeth. The double nut method can work but half the battle is just taking your time. I knew there was a reason I was oggling over welders the other day....
  7. VIFFER93

    Neglected VFR

    From where this thread started, it certainly does not look so bad.
  8. Your "Suspension Tube" line is moving SouthWest which moves the "vertical Axle" line back (to the left) but your "neck line" is remaining contant. If you increase your suspension height in the rear, drop your forks further in the stem you will increase the angle of the "neck line" which shortens the "Trail"
  9. Lots more variables involved, - Length and Height of forks (I am not familure with zx-14 specifications) - Length and height of rear suspension ( I raised the rear suspension 10mm ,some have left it stock) - Offset of 929/954 triples compared to OEM - Tire profiles will also affect your suspension settings. Personally, I think a lot of it is taking the time to work out all the measurements because everyone has thier own combination of components. I do not think there is a defined formula.
  10. Having done the fork swap/body conversion to one of my 3rd gens... You are correct.
  11. Be patient and work on mechanicals, specifically your suspension once that is sorted to your liking then work on the cosmetics. Tail and body conversions take time and money because there are hundreds of little things that will come up and slow your progress. I would also wager that it is not less expensive then getting your suspension sorted.
  12. Last ride was today, Snow coming tonight, I guess it is time to start the list... Street VFR: -Oil & Filter -Stabilize fuel -Fog motor -Drain carbs -Clean/lube and inspect chain -Spend some quality time detailing. It is an odd numberspring so that means. -Flush/Replace anti-freeze -Replace all brake/clutch fluids -Inspect/clean calipers if needed -Replace fork oil (tempted to redo the whole suspension this year) Tracken Viffer -Oil & Filter -Fog motor -Drain carbs -Clean/lube and inspect chain -Spend some quality time detailing. -Finish Painting Body work -Fabricate new aluminum sub frame -Rear sets Wish list - Air box modifications - Rear hub converson - Undertail/ Hi Mount exhaust mods.
  13. Sweeeeett! Forks Swap :cheerleader: Fork Swap :cheerleader: Fork Swap....
  14. NIce work, lots to appreciate. With regards to your guages. Many of the Honda analog guages can have their parts swapped out. I took the tach mechanisim out of my 93 cluster and bolted it into a 86 VFR700 case and it is perferct so if you found a set of guages that fit better you obviously have the skills to swap out the guts so everything is accurate... Bigger brakes... I am hearing the grumbling of another forks swap...
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