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  1. Good job man!! Wish I had the ability to invent......but I think I can copy, thanks for the idea.
  2. ADAM79


    And I used two pivot point attachments that came with the Gopro to get it closer to the ground.
  3. ADAM79


    My first featured photo!!
  4. ADAM79

    Ark 2013 March

    C14 Gopro
  5. ADAM79


  6. Did you get your PC3? If you have any questions about it or installing it shot me a message. The velco on the back of the PC3 is made by 3M, and it really good stuff.



  7. I did not make it through the entire write up, but Im guessing I would still be confused if I had.
  8. Great work with the camera, except the pictures of me looking confused and then me looking like I haven't eaten in 3hrs. I think you guys were trying to starve me. You guys weren't the only ones to get wet Saturday, the ride home wasn't any fun.
  9. Love your Sinatra quote!! See ya in Arkansas!

  10. I just loaded this map "Cozye's Map Modified for an 06+ VTEC ", and the dynojet map from there website "MapBackup08120200123110.DJM" into the pc3 program and used the "compare map" tool and found no difference in the two. Can someone check and see if im wrong.
  11. Just loaded this map on my 06 with leo vince slip-ons, and O2 elim, stock air filter. Map works very well, perfect v-tech transition. Have not used it long enough to see how mpg will be.
  12. I have the 06 also, and if it where me I would get the auto tune. I put a pc3 on my bike before I installed exhaust and it help alot. Flat spot at 4k range is gone and it helped with on/off throttle response. And ive read that the autotune is even better? I would also get a good throttle lock.
  13. ADAM79


    seat cowl
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