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  1. Birdman


    ...and finally a photo that's not more than two years old. :fing02:
  2. Birdman


    Various ride pics
  3. I'm like you Skuuter and very similar in size. I bought another stock seat from a fellow VFRDer and shaved it down. All told, it cost me about $150. I swap out with the shorty to suit a particularly ride. With an inch shaved off, I can flat foot the viffer. The shorty is less comfortable, so I use it mostly for around town riding.
  4. It already is, $35 for the whole kit ready to bolt in(includes 4 additional flag terminals for connecting accessories. Save on shipping if you order with the harness. Sweet...I likey. When you say "bolt in," you really mean "stick in" right? Does your kit come with the fuses?
  5. Hard to argue with the simplicity of a throttlemeister. They can usually be had for less than $100 USD on eBay. It's doubtful to find an MC in a secondary marketplace. Spending five hours on electrics isn't my idea of fun. I'd prolly screw it up.
  6. Great work. Nice to see you even have a sponsor. :goofy: Do you ride racing tires at the track?
  7. Honestly, is there any better bike than a VFR/Interceptor/viffer/whatever-you-wanna-call-it? I ride with some fellas with their 4ths and 5ths and nobody enjoys it more than us. Nice pics, amigo. :unsure:
  8. Never mind Hugh Laurie (a fantastic actor), what about the hotness of Lisa Edelstein? She is a total knockout. And a doctor, too! Awesome ride, House...I mean, Will. However, seeing your bike (or the RWB, for that matter) only makes me want to "trade-up" for one. Glad you are recovering quickly. ~Fred
  9. I wanted to show this posting to a guy at work, only to discover much of it got lost in translation when HS did the recent upgrade. It now is reasonably close to the original, with most of the same pics. Perhaps the Mods will "pin it" again...
  10. Birdman

    Goin somewhere!

    That's the time travel machine from Napolean Dynamite. :wub: :wub: :idea3:
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