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    Hi All, I've just about managed to get my little replica project together and finished (well sort of finished, is a project ever finished), i thought I would post some completed photos and give a little run down of whats what. Just a little info about the bike, Honda VF750F RC15 modified frame and swinging arm using a YSS shock, CBR600 wheels front and rear, Honda VFR750 RC24 engine with hand made exhausts, front cylinders under the bike and the rears out of the seat, VF1000R fork lowers and yokes with VTR1000F (Firestorm) uppers and internals with race springs and internal modification. Altered VF750 fuel tank, altered VFR750 wiring loom.
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    From the album: Misc Pics

    © Stephen Harmer

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    Stuck them in a vise and bent them straight. Shifter was easy. Put the toe piece in the vise and applied leverage from the open clamp end that attaches to the gearshift spindle. Brake pedal was a bit more stubborn. Put the pivot side in the vise. Slipped a 26mm extended handle box wrench onto the step end and pulled it straight.
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