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Shad pin system tank bags

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Is anyone familiar with the Shad pin system for fitting their tank bags? It's the most discreet system I have seen, no silly-looking ring or anything.


They have different fitting systems for different bikes. Sadly their website doesn't list anything for our bikes, but I did a bit of research and it turns out their X019PS kit is a perfect fit (for gen 4s anyway).


This is all you see when the tank bag is removed.




Here's the bag fitted. There is no contact with the tank.




This is the E-10P bag which is their medium-sized one. You can't fit too much in it, at a guess it's about 4 litres volume. They also do a teeny E-04P bag, good for about a pair of glasses and not much more, and a bigger expandable E-16P bag. Does anybody have one of these? I'd be keen to know how well it sits on the VFR.


You can adjust the position of the bag fore and aft.




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Interesting.  I have not seen that before, but it looks neat and tidy.





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Never seen that but thanks for posting Bowf. I use the Givi ring system, which is very good, but the Givi tank bag zippers suck! I'll take a look.

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