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8th gen: Heated Grips Ops Question


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My deluxe friends, can you check if my heated grips are operating ok. So when, you turn on the bike and press the heated grips button (regardless of the heat setting) how many times does the grip indicator flash? For me, it flashes 3 times and then it stays on. Is it normal?


I am changing my heated grips (warning, major PITA), and I changed my left handle so I now want to make sure my grips are flashing like everyone else's.



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At switch on and Grip Heater selected, the memorized level OR the default level of 5, the light flashes the number of pulses and does this 7 times then the heated grip light remains ON.

Also for example, if the level is changed to say 3 then the light will give 3 rapid flashes for a total of 7 times then the light goes to fully on.

Any fault with the grips should produce an error E code on your instrument panel, see attached.


Mine is a 2014 model. Perhaps they changed the flash code repetition to only three for later models??


Hope this helps!


Screenshot_20210327-121456_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

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