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White Smoke/steam coming from exhaust

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So, I have white moist smoke/steam coming from the exhaust on start up. I will describe now. Link to video: 



The bike starts up with no smoke at all. After a minute or two the smoke starts to billow out the exhaust. It takes around 10+ minutes to finally dissipate. Once it has finally ceased, there is no more white smoke for the duration of operation. 


If the bike is left to sit for more than 10 minutes, when I restart the smoke appears again. 


There is moisture spitting out the cans when the bike is warming up. It has soot in it, no oil. Once it is above 80-90 degrees C° it will cease. 


Please add any comments or advice so I may correctly diagnose the situation I have. 

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You only need to worry about moisture from the exhaust when you've been running down the road a while and you're also losing coolant.  That means coolant is getting in to one or more cylinders.  Condensation from the exhaust in cool weather is nothing to worry about.  As pointed out, that looks normal.

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Yep as per all of the above. 

As long as all other parameters eg, coolant and oil levels, and performance is all normal you should be fine.

Burning fuel, water is a byproduct and probably more so with hygroscopic Ethanol blended fuel, be aware of Phase Separation!

Your very cold atmospheric conditions probably don't help, as long as once your exhaust and engine is fully up to temperature it dissipates, all should be normal. Take it for a good long ride see how it behaves after that!

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