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CBR 929 Triple into 97 VFR 750



Hi all, working on a project trying to swap a CBR929 triple into a 97 VFR. Got all balls tapered rollers to replace the old worn out bearings. It seems as though the 929 stem is too short though. I cant get the second locking nut on under the top triple. Any advice?


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I also have a 4th gen and CBR 929 triple setup, i can say that the bottom bearing that come original was ball type and the bars would vibrate over 100 km\h.

Then i change the upper and bottom steering bearings for OEM CBR929 tapered rollers type, straight swap and the problem was solved.

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First I assume you have both lower triple T’s, if yes then measure the stems see how they compare length wise.

Make sure the internal bearing cups are fully seated home. Then if the second locking ring won’t fit, it should be fine if the top triple is snugged down on it. If not then use a locking tab washer, many bikes only have one top stem tension ring with a locking washer. 

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