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battery charging issues

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hi i know this will be covered a million times but here goes

1-1/2 year old yuasa battery died while out , i did leave grips switched on 🙄. luckily was in a hilly area so rolled and bump started it 

recharged again overnight , ( no grips left now or other electricals ) showed 12.6 but didn’t go up while running . 

mostly i commute to work or have an hour blast or so . commuting is only 8 miles or so and 15 mins so don’t know if it’s enough to get recharged 

so i bought a motobatt heavy duty replacement and that reads 12.7 but again when running stays at that and not goes up to 13 etc as you. tube shows . 

is the reg or stator on way out , if so where is best place to buy . 

bike is 6 gen 2006 with 53000 and already came with the upgraded reg previous owner said ( he had bike from new ) . i’ve had bike 3 years and the yuasa replaced the yuasa that came with bike .

im in uk. so want quality parts . ebay is a minefield of cheap n cheerful regs .

i say so a lot 😂


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red plug on the starter solenoid needs constant inspection as they usually melt a lilttle or a lot and will reduce charging.


first signs of failure





advanced failure





total failure




total meltdown




one way to fixit









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