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Well gang, since they did it on the other side of the fence (VFRW), I thought I may as well post the Drill here solo too. Plenty of guys have used this to find out what the hooey is going on with their non working charging system.....  


"The Drill"


Sorry for your electrical troubles. Well, looks like you gotta do…. “The Drill.”

Go through all your connectors for burnt leads, dig deep. Crispy wires? Not good. Your gonna have to fix that!  

Then---Go through this starting point quick list.  You will need a multimeter too.


- Recharge battery overnite - then to take it to Autozone, Batterys Plus or similar to load test. -- Good? Bad? – An iffy battery can fake you out and act like a bad R/R. Buy new if needed. -- A GOOD BATTERY IS THE FIRST THING!

- With good battery fire it up, warm up for a minute or two.

These are R/R quick checks---

--- With voltmeter at battery get voltages -- idle volts? 5000 rpm volts? What’s the numbers? Should be in 13ish min idle and in 14s at revs. If in the 12s at idle, try at 1900 rpm. (It’s not unusual for the system to be in discharge or no charge at idle.)

- Check stator

- 1. Pull connector apart. Set meter to resistance. Check pin to pin stator side, 3 yellow wires, A to B, B to C, C to A. What’s the numbers? 3 separate readings --Should be less than 1.0 ohms.  (Engine off)

- 2. Check continuity from each A,B,C pin stator side to ground, -- -should be infinity - nada nothing. no continuity.  --   3 separate checks. (Engine off, again connector is apart)  -- Again, what's the numbers? 

- 3. Crank it back up. Do another pin to pin thing, but set meter on AC volts. idle and 5000 rpms. What's da numbers? Should start 15 -20ish and climb 50ish and more.  Again – 3 readings stator side connector and still apart.

- Repeat hot if you dont find anything wrong. Sometimes the stator will be fine cold and be a problem hot. 

(If you find the probem cold, you dont have to redo this hot)


This quick list will catch the obvious stuff, but if you need to dig deeper check this chart. (Some guys like this chart, my taste, I don’t care for it.)



Cheers and beers gang....

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Thanks for posting this.


For stator test, what if resistance shows -000 for all three wires?  Indication of user error, or bad stator?



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Hi Rick - if you look at the stator tests above, get your multimeter and do the steps, write it down and come back...

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Thanks, mello.

I skipped straight to the resistance test figuring the batt was fine.  

Stopped by the local auto store this morning, and turns out the batt is in need of change.  Thought it was fine as I've had no problems starting... 

So, will order up a battery and come back with findings. 




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  • 3 months later...

Didn't realize it's been this long...

I installed r1 RR, soldering the wires, over the winter.  Just ran through the tests and everything came within range as listed.  


Thanks for your help, mello.

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