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Paint codes 1987 VFRF2


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Just picked up a clean 87 with red bodywork.  obviously not correct  I believe its on the fender area under the seat.

what are the paint codes



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For 1987 U.S. market there were two colors:

NH139P = Pearl Crescent White

PB161 = Candy Wave Blue (paired with a grey, but don't know that code)


The issue is that those codes are irrelevant today, according to my paint supplier. They don't translate into modern paints. You have to spectro-match the color and then physically tweak it to get as close a match as possible. Or, find a modern car/bike color that is close and use that code as a starting point. I've been through this a few times in recent years.


Here's the code sticker location:


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Those colours are available from various sources using the codes, like this http://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/shop-paints.php?colourscheme=5575&1883=on&7027=on&7028=on


Go back to your man because they should be able to mix it

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Which man? I've had panels matched by a preeminent shop who've done a half dozen SEMA cars, "sorry, can't use those codes, we'll need to start from scratch." My paint guy has 30 years in the business and now works part time at an automotive paint suppler business, "sorry, we tried everywhere, can't use those old codes." I used ColorRite here in the States, that was an expensive fail, and then they wouldn't even respond to my tactful complaint. I'm not familiar with RS, but if they have good matches that sure would be a blessing for someone trying to match up paint for their project. Here's another factor; the age of these bikes. I've got 12 RC24/26 large side OEM fairings hanging in the shop, there's probably four different shades of white. Age, sun, whatever. It ain't easy gettin' old, you start to fade. We recently did a 1998 VFR800 which has a useable code — didn't match and had to be tweaked, twice. I'm assuming that places like RS have figured out their own formulas, just like my guy has.


My point is that the original codes are often just a starting point, and it would be prudent not to assume it's as easy as reciting a "code."

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