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Paint Job???

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Hey everyone,


Just wanted to get some input on paint jobs before I go ahead with this. Which do you prefer?


(yes I know, the second image is the 25 year anniversary paint job that belongs on the 2007 and not my 1998. If anyone believes I’ll have issues with that, let me know)





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I almost did a 25th on my ‘99. I like it. 

I am not a fan of number plates on street bikes. I never even wanted white number plates on my track bikes since I never “earned” them. 

For a few years I went with the factory silver from Canada and a black front fender. Also factory color from Canada. 

Not a fan of red, personally, but broken with black accents is better. #3 breaks it up nicely and not an overtly number plate rear design. Looks like there is a front number plate, and I don't care for that/

Something with same kinda lines of the 25th but different colors would work using the natural lines in the bodywork. I would replace the white with the base red, make the blue black, and white stripes in place of the red.

Mine is a single color silver/grey kinda thing with no decals and carbon front fender.



(I’ve since replaced the Sargent with another without the red piping. Also the mirrors were replaced with genuine Suzuki over the crap aftermarket)

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I gotta tell ya that this is a hard choice I like both very much and it would be a hard call... not sure you can go wrong... 

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