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Front Fairing removal

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Hi all

I have a VTEC800 A9 ( don't know what generation it is). Had a bit of dropsy and have a problem removing the front fairing. I've got as far as removing the screen and 2 nuts located under the dash. Am now stuck. Any pointers or advice would be greatly welcome.

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You need to remove the mirrors and the front fairing bolts, 3 each side. Once they are removed you need to remove the 2 plastic clips that hold the instrument panel to the side qtr panels. Once they are out you will be able to lift out the qtr panels with a lift and turn up motion as they are engaged by two tabs in the instrument cover. You will then be able to remove the instrument cover itself, two plastic tabs pushed into rubber grommets. Once removed you will need to remove the 2 plastic clips, 1 on both sides,where the inside of the front fairing attaches to the front exhaust area fairing. Once you have removed all that you will see two 10mm nuts just under the instrument cluster that need to be remove. After that the fairing is being held by the wrap around effect of the fairing where it attaches to the mirror mounting points.  You will also need to disconnect the indicators cables. Stand at the front and lift the fairing of the mirror mounts and remove the fairing slowly towards you to allow you then to remove the 4 headlight connectors and the remote temp sensor. The fairing should then be free.


good luck

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