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PP front, PR2 rear, straight line stability


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Hello! I did a search, but couldn't find a thread that I could tack on to ... so.


I recently put the set on that I've seen @Baileyrock and others rave about, the PP front and PR2 rear. Those were from old threads, and maybe there is a newer combo, but I liked the price of these tires and the reviews.


The first time I turned out of my apartment complex, had a good wiggle because i had gotten used to the worn out BT016 (6400 miles to the rear chord) which required a little "shove" to get into a turn. This new combo is just bloody amazing to me for turning. it's like the brain is connected straight to the tires with nothing else in the way. Confidence inspiring. seams between road slabs, grooves, road crown, it all feels flat, it simply doesn't get out of shape.


My question is about straight line stability. my bike is bone stock except for I put a 929 (or 954, whichever is the easy swap) shock on the back. ride height is the same, forks are factory height. tires are aired to the pressure on the chainguard, tires/wheels are balanced to within 1/4 oz, wheel bearings are good, tires are oriented the correct direction, no slop in the head bearings, 80,000 miles and reliable as a 500 lb rock.


They're solid up to about 85-90 mph. after that, the bike feels somewhat unstable, it takes a little extra thought to keep it straight. it's nothing like a head shake, more of an uncertainty. 


Is this a characteristic - is there a trade off between turning ability (ability may not be the right word, something like that) and straight line stability? I don't really care in this case because I rarely have space to get to 100+, but I do when I have the opportunity. I haven't noticed this with previous sets of tires, but none turned like these do.


So I'm curious, what are others' experiences with this? Thanks!

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