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Power Commander Maps PCV 2002-2005 catless map. 46-48mpg highway

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PCV 2002-2005 catless map. 46-48mpg highway

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This map is for the 2002-2005 VFR800. mods are K&N filter snorkel mod, 1999 catless headers, stock mufflers completely gutted, and the 02 delete or optimizers. Runs very smooth and gets around 48mpg on the highway. I'm going to be checking the WOT fueling when my wideband gets here. The current 100% fuel setting is from a dyno tuner in wisconsin but I want to check it for myself. I also have the acc pump activated sensitivity 65.9  30 revs and 15% fuel.. Took it to the 1/8 mile strip with this and ran a 7.40 at 101 and that was my first time running it at the track. I will update the WOT fueling after I get the wideband. 


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One cool benefit of the PCV is that you can load two maps into it and using a contact closure, provided you’re not running the auto tune module, you can switch between them. This is great for anyone who wants to try out a different map and do a quick A/B comparison or two have different profiles loaded for different performance levels, without having to break out a computer. 

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