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Can someone help please

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Hello everyone
I'm new to this forum so if I'm wrong about something, please do not mind.
I have little problems with my long-awaited motorcycle.Honda VFR 800 Interceptor, year 2001.

During one ride, the car cut me off I hit directly in the open hole of a sewage shaft with the rear wheel, a computer that was not (fixed) tied up broke three cables that I pitched and somehow dragged home with visible problems with gas. Namely, he did not want to receive gas in the range of over 2000 rpm to some 5000 rpm. I called the  repairman and replaced some things by the way, but the situation does not improve, it still does not receive the gas properly. I replaced the fuel filter in the reservoir, it was mature to replace it, I turned it into a regular service, I bought another TPS, I carried the computer on diagnostics, cleaned the nozzles, examined the installation, and I still failed to solve the problem. Now I have also ordered a second fuel pressure regulator, because that's how the other bike I had behaved, so we'll see.

Does anyone have any recommendation if it's not something else to watch because I can not and will not pay the repairmans who come to see it say something, I buy it and tahts not it. And then im again at the beginning.

Did anyone had similar problems and how did he solve them?
Please understand me I have not sat on my bike for 3 months I'm suffering with a malfunction.
I hope that as two-wheel brothers you can understand me and help if you can.

Thank you for your time

I wish you safe roads and fill up tanks.


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I cannot help.  However, please change your title to something like:  "FI system malfunction/Fueling problems--HELP!"  this way the problem is specific in your subject title...you should get more help that way!



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Does your FI light blink or stay on? Have you tried the diagnostic procedure to read the malfunction does? 

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