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New donation from 2k1GoneWild

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Prior to the change in the forum format, there was a way to preview your post before committing it to the forum. I was trying to post up yesterday a new topic but I could not see the images that I had intended to post with it. These were Photobucket links and for some reason did not appear in the body of my text. Before there was a way to go to an "advance" mode where you could see what your post would look like and also give you the ability to see where and how your photos would appear in the body of the text.


Did we loose this ability or am I missing a check box or is there some other setting I need to change to in order to preview my post?

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37 minutes ago, RobF said:

It's easy to miss, but there is a button:



In hindsight it was not the editor problem but the link to the pics that was the issue. On Photobucket there are a few options to link to pictures. One of them is 'Direct' which is the one you would use with the 'Insert other media' option of the editor. The other, which is what I usually use, is 'Story Embed' which seems to work with most of the other forums, even in the editor.

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Hi 2k1GoneWild,

Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation.

Thanks VFRDiscussion

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