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Handlebar Risers

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Hi everyone, I have 1-inch or 3/4-inch risers with the stock clipons. It appears the clipon is pinned into the riser and the riser is pinned to the triple tree. (Confirm this?)

I would LOVE to rotate my clipons forward slightly to reduce the bend in my wrist. I'm waaay more broad-shouldered than the test person who sat on the bike when they determined the bar angle. smile.gif I have to bow my arms in funny for it to be comfortable...

Other than helibars...can I do anything with the risers and stock clipons I have??

Thanks so much,


Hi Adam,

You have tried slackening the bars off and pushing them forward to take up the movement in the assembly ? There isn't much there but it may help. Otherwise your options are simple : File off some of the front edge of the engagement tab on the bars, or the risers,or both. Obviously this reduces the strength..

The risers replicate the tab engagement , so some people will simply lift the stock bars up the fork leg and retighten them there without a riser - this gives the same effect but the bar WILL rotate around the fork leg under heavy pressure so that would be your call safety wise. It could turn a simple parking lot tip-over into a new tank purchase..

In any event, you won't be able to move the bars FAR forward without finding the levers/switches hitting the fairing on full lock.



Are you still selling Bar Risers? How does one go about seeing/ordering them?

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hi guys i know this is an old thread bit im having this same problem now.  Also i think rogue has left the forum?  Does anyone know how to contact him at all?

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I put GenMar bar risers on my ‘03 and it was a simple addition but I didn’t file off the position tab. It really helped comfort-wise. 

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