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HISS, ot illuminating, but bump works, run switch works

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Hi guys

In the process of rebuilding a my2000 vfr, not seen or heard it running. Was stripped down to components. After reassembling turned on ignition, HISS LIT UP ALL OK!  then off as expected, but no pump, Checked fuel cut off relay, broken connection,  repaired, at the same time I removed the digital readout, and replaced it with a fresh one, as the Trip button didn't work, I also swapped the display glass over as the fresh one was a bit cruddy.

Now...on ignition on, pump ru s kill switch works, display all good, but........HISS light doesn't light up. Can't run the bike yet, but the starter turns the bike over OK. 

Can anyone shine any light as to why the HISS light would not come on?


Many thanks


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HISS was not used in the North American markets, but it was used in Australia and Europe.  Unfortunately I have not really looked at my UK bike's HISS system, so I cannot speak with any knowledge about it, but one question springs to mind, which is: was the replacement digital display module the same part number as the OEM one? 


I had thought the HISS system was only tied to the PGM-FI (ECU), rather than to the digital display, but the HISS receiver ring connects somewhere, and it may somehow connect via the digital display.  Also, I believe the odometer reading is controlled by a chip in the digital display, rather than the ECU, so it wouldn't entirely surprise me if it had some relevance to the HISS system as well.


Assuming you've still got it, it may be worth temporarily swapping in the old digital display, just to rule that out as the issue.





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But is it fixed? 

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