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4th gen fairing bracket alignment


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I've recently acquired a 4th gen VFR that seems to have had an "interesting" history.

One of the problems is the fairing alignment. I believe part of the problem lies with the brackets holding the front fairing on not being installed properly. The bracket I'm referring to holds the fairing in two places, as well as the radiator and front cylinder coils. You can see it if you look down past the handlebar.

The bracket has a bit jutting out so it touches the frame, but there's a hole in the frame right next to where it touches. Should the bracket be inside that hole?

Here's a picture from above:


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I've been realigning them so they go in the holes, so I guess I'll find out if they are supposed to be in there.

I don't think they got knocked out by a drop since both sides were the same (although the bike definitely has been dropped... I'm on a student budget ok?). I'm guessing the PO just reinstalled them incorrectly.

There's no sign of any heavy accident damage, most of the fairings are in one piece, frame and engine are fine, etc. Just some roughed up levers and scuffs on the lower cowl.

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Hey Dutchy.
Those are good. Unfortunately they don't show how the bracket aligns to the frame. The bike's currently parked up while I wait for parts anyway (and the weather has been non-stop rain for weeks) so it's not really a rush anymore. I guess now that I've got time I'll look into getting a Haynes/Clymer manual.

I'll post back here once I've got a definite answer for future people.

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Finally got it all back together a few days ago. With the brackets aligned so that the tabs go into the holes, the fairings now seem to be aligned much better. Still not perfect, the left side is a little closer to the frame than the right, but it's not noticeable and overall I'm happy with it for now.

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