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3rd Gen 93+ Colorized High Resolution Wiring Diagram 1.0

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About This File

Ahh, back to two of my favorite things, techno music and vicodi... umm I mean, wiring diagrams and "photoshop"!

So, a friend asked me to fix up a 3rd Gen wiring diagram à la the 5th gen diagrams that I did previously. They work the same way as the last. If you don't have an image manipulation program that can handle layers, then you will be missing out on the biggest feature of these files. I'm going to pimp the excellent, free, open-source program GIMP again. If you don't have a capable program, grab yourself a copy to experience the full technicolour majesty of these diagrams.

All the .zip files contain a high resolution 11x17 formatted .png that yields acceptable printed/laminated results if you bring it to your local Kinkos, UPS Store, Staples, etc. Laminated, color 11x17s usually run about $5, and give you something to write on with grease pencil or overhead transparency marker in the garage.

The _GIMP and _PS files have a high resolution, layered, image that allow you to show and hide the color of the wires (simply toggle layer visibility). This allows you to focus on sections of the wiring diagram that you are troubleshooting. The file types are .xcf and .psd, respectivly.

The NoLayers version simply has a high resolution .png file, suitable for use on low performance machines that lack the capability to run real image manipulation software. The .png files are not layered, obviously.

I am providing this free of charge and if you pass it on to others, I require the same of you. The only thing I ask is that you credit me for the editing; these things are quite time consuming to generate.

I urge caution when using this diagram. There may be errors in the original Honda file and, unlike the 5th Gen, I did not have a handy, disassembled 3rd gen to verify the accuracy of the wire colors specified in the original file. There may also be regional or production variability. Again, use at your own risk, performing improper maintenance, repair, or modification to your motorcycle can result in harm yourself, others, and/or property of the same. By using this file, you release me from any damages to yourself or others.

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