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Why I Ride

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Mountain Road

I was clearing out some old data CD's from my shelf and ran across a sort of poem I wrote while VFRD was still part of Delphi Forums, way way way back in the day.

Why I Ride

Riding my motorbike

Down a swift road

Leaning into a turn,

And then another

Kicking the gear

Dropping into third

Grabbing the throttle,

Looking down the road

To where I really want to be

Humming song of my motor

Piercing a silent hollow in the forest trees

Stuttering rays of sunlight and shadow

Drum my heartbeat

Thumping as my motor does

Leaning further into that turn

With a hint of fear of exhilaration

Where the scent of Vanilla Ponderosas live

Strengthened by

Raindrops on dry asphalt

I have come on my motorbike

To steal the rainbows

From your twisted curves

I am alive on my

Mountain Road

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Guest Old Racer


thanks, that is an awsome piece of writing. I have recently been interested in writing a song called "The Ride". Basically setting up the everyday life we all live and then there is the ride. Cool piece of writing. Hope to get to do some riding with you guys someday.

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I have come on my motorbike

To steal the rainbows

From your twisted curves

Good stuff, bro. It's all good, but I particularly like these lines....

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