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Future Frankenviffer?

Darth Bling




I've always considered my bike a "baby" Frankenviffer. The left gearswitch is from a Suzuki GSXR, it had Buell footpegs at one time, and the grips are from BMW. In the near future, I hope to graph a Euro-spec VFR gearswitch onto it, my 98/99 VFR headers are currently at Jet-Hot, and I've got a rear shock from a CBR1100XX Blackbird that I'm going to install.

Sure, my bike definitely has parts from other motorcycles attached (or soon to be attached) to it. But, what normally catapults a bike into official Frankenvifferdom is a major transplant. For most people that transplant happens to be USD forks and I'll be following suit shortly. :D

I just scored a set of 2000 RC51 SP1 forks and triples from ebay today!!! Oh yeah!!! :beer:

th_246d_1.jpg th_24a7_1.jpg th_24e2_1.jpg

UPDATE!!!!! (February 6th, 2007)

Just bought a set of RC51 front brake calipers to go with my forks!! Yeah for me! :P Also, my headers come back from Jet-Hot yesterday! I can't wait to get them installed. :thumbsup:

th_2478_1.jpg th_JetHot_headers.jpg

UPDATE!!!!! (February 9th, 2007)

Just bought a 2000 CBR929 upper triple clamp from fleabay. Check it out.

th_4fef_1.jpg th_4966_1.jpg

UPDATE!!!!! (February 12th, 2007)

Booyah!!! Just scored a 2004 RC51 front wheel WITH brake rotors!!!! All I need now is a front fender and a wheel axle and I'm all set! ^_^

th_2550_1.jpg th_3b7e_1.jpg th_31cd_1.jpg th_1875_1.jpg

UPDATE!!!!! (February 14th, 2007)

Axle problem solved. Found a good cheap one on ebay.




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Guest vfrrider


Way to go, Goose, so your the one that got those. I so wanted them, so you got a good deal. A little pricy, but look at all you got. :thumbsup:

Good luck, keep us informed ot the project.



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What does the GSXR shifter get you?

It is the left gearswitch from a 2005 GSXR1000. I've always wanted a pass-to-flash button, so that was the main motivation. Plus, the new GSXR gearswitches have a hazard button too!! :thumbsup:

th_P9200563.jpg th_P9200562.jpg

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