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Just Ranting

Darth Bling



ARRGGGG!!!! I hate ebay snipers. I'm so pissed right now.

So, I find this 1993 VFR rear wheel on ebay for dirt cheap. The only problem with it is that it's bent a little. No problem, I get the rim cheap, have it straighten locally, and I've got a 8-spoke rim. Great idea!!!

With only 5 seconds left in the auction, some ass-hat snipes me with a higher bid. WTF!! :mad: I hope his new 8-spoke rim flies apart on him when he's up above 100 mph. Seriously, be a real man and put a bid down like you've got some balls. None of this ninja, death-from-afar crap. If he had placed a bid an hour before the auction ended, then fine. I probably would have let him have it since I wasn't planning on spending too much money on the rim.

But now.... @#$@#$@#$!@% :pissed: I wish I had a really high bid in just so he wouldn't he get it. Son of a @#!!@# Ebay should put a rule in place so nobody can bid on a auction within the last hour unless they had already placed a bid earllier. I'm heading to my garage to wrench on the bike. That'll make me feel better.


Ok, so I went out to garage for some therapeutic wrenching. Well, somehow I managed to drop all the brake fluid out of my clutch slave cylinder. :dry: Blipping wonderful.

So as I'm putting the slave cylinder back together I manage to squirt brake fluid in my right eye. Not good!! Thinking fast, I grabbed my half-empty beer and pour it into my eye to clean out the brake fluid. :mellow: Great. Now I have brake fluid and beer everywhere. Freaking great.

Remember kids, always wear eye protection. :cool:


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