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  1. Everybody on the "yes" list still in? And either of the maybe's gonna make it?
  2. I'll take the extra spot if it's not spoken for. My usual roomie/snuggle buddy TC is out so I need some fresh blood
  3. Shaver U....now we talkin! Heard they keep the downstairs pretty clean. Of the sorority house, I mean.
  4. haven't heard back from TC, but crazybro is in. I'll sleep on the floor I don't care. Are there sorority girls in Shaver Lake?
  5. Hells yeah, count me in to share. Sweet find!
  6. Sounds good, just keep us posted. I'll put you as a "maybe" for now. Damn! Guess we better get our s--t together (not one of my skills)
  7. <--------- there's the riff raff you're looking for There are many days to hit the track, but only one GSS ride. Checkmate!
  8. Oh yes, you read that right. We're doing it again, for the 4th year running. As always, the plan is to meet in Kernville on Friday night, October 6th - yeah yeah, better late than never. How you get there is up to you, and book your own rooms unless you want to sleep at a shady bar. Stay at the Kernville Inn (11042 Kernville Rd), beer, pizza, etc. Then, it's shitty pre-ride breakfast and party time: Saturday: Kernville to Shaver Lake (https://goo.gl/maps/dzuKrxMzX4N2) - traditionally we stay at the Shaver Lake Hotel find a room wherever you can! Sunday: Shaver Lake to wherever you came from (https://goo.gl/maps/yuaV5SkDC1C2) As always you're welcome to join and peel off as you please, just let us know your plan. Speeding, passing on double yellows, and cutting the huge line at the Kings Canyon park entrance are encouraged but not required. Motivation: IN: BrianF (Herding Cats) Duc2V4 (Saturday Arrival) St. Stephen (too cool for Friday) RC1237V (egg man) crazybrother (Shaver Saturday) sfdownhill (5th gen reppin) Maybe: thepretender (testing the waters) OUT: tc339 (staying employed) RichVee4 (staying married) MonicaVee4 (see RichVee4) VFR Capt. Bob (funding renovations) bayarearider (Pacifica Prison)
  9. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    I gotchu. Not necessarily my best work but whatever.
  10. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    891 miles door-to-door. Shoutout St. Stephen for putting in 900+ miles on the RC51. Speed limits ignored, brisket eaten, no breakdowns no tickets no crashes. Ed would approve - RIP buddy.
  11. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    No sweat man, figured you were a long shot. If a miracle happens, just text me so we don't leave without you.
  12. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    As a side effect I suppose yes it would be easier for him if he can make it. Our short bus kids this time are Monica/Rich (who will probably meet us at Mt View BBQ and can't do Sunday), and Triscuit (who needs to jet on Sunday from the northernmost point. Makes sense since it doesn't seem to matter to the rest of us as far as I know. I was married once upon a time. I'm not now, so you can do the math on how well that went. I exchange the burden of herding cats for pity when getting the group lost on ridiculous backroads.
  13. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    So, in order to accommodate our "special needs" members, I'm proposing to switch the route to do the southern end first. That means our meeting point for Saturday is the usual Sierras jumpoff: STARBUCKS, 1451 Hulsey Way, Manteca Meeting: 9am KSU: 9:30am Saturday: https://goo.gl/maps/PYUacHU41742 Sunday: https://goo.gl/maps/mvoSA1D2e2L2 If you have any objections or reservations about this, speak now or forever hold your peace (which I wish someone would've done at my wedding lol). Everybody cool?
  14. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    I'd argue that, but it's true about 99% of the time. The diamonds are surrounded by much rough. Just bring a small backpack and shove it in somebody else's top case like I do haha If you need relief from the RC, I'm sure you'll find many volunteers...

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