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  1. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    I gotchu. Not necessarily my best work but whatever.
  2. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    891 miles door-to-door. Shoutout St. Stephen for putting in 900+ miles on the RC51. Speed limits ignored, brisket eaten, no breakdowns no tickets no crashes. Ed would approve - RIP buddy.
  3. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    No sweat man, figured you were a long shot. If a miracle happens, just text me so we don't leave without you.
  4. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    As a side effect I suppose yes it would be easier for him if he can make it. Our short bus kids this time are Monica/Rich (who will probably meet us at Mt View BBQ and can't do Sunday), and Triscuit (who needs to jet on Sunday from the northernmost point. Makes sense since it doesn't seem to matter to the rest of us as far as I know. I was married once upon a time. I'm not now, so you can do the math on how well that went. I exchange the burden of herding cats for pity when getting the group lost on ridiculous backroads.
  5. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    So, in order to accommodate our "special needs" members, I'm proposing to switch the route to do the southern end first. That means our meeting point for Saturday is the usual Sierras jumpoff: STARBUCKS, 1451 Hulsey Way, Manteca Meeting: 9am KSU: 9:30am Saturday: https://goo.gl/maps/PYUacHU41742 Sunday: https://goo.gl/maps/mvoSA1D2e2L2 If you have any objections or reservations about this, speak now or forever hold your peace (which I wish someone would've done at my wedding lol). Everybody cool?
  6. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    I'd argue that, but it's true about 99% of the time. The diamonds are surrounded by much rough. Just bring a small backpack and shove it in somebody else's top case like I do haha If you need relief from the RC, I'm sure you'll find many volunteers...
  7. IMG 4070

    First NorCal ride! Whose 500 is that?
  8. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Super 8 it is I guess!
  9. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    But do you know all of the local CHP? Asking for a friend haha You gonna do the overnighter or meet us there? I'm definitely staying in a hotel. Not enough room on the 6th for camping stuff. Sounds good, just lemme know. Always happy to have you guys join us. Can modify the route slightly too if needed. WILL POST THE SATURDAY MORNING MEETING POINT LATER THIS WEEK, AS WELL AS PM EVERYONE MY CELL # (although I think everyone has it)
  10. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Auburn. It's 375 miles or so from Napa assuming we use the route in post 1. They have plenty of hotels and it will be easy for single-day people to leave Sat or arrive early on Sun since it's on I-80. Plus I hear it's a good place for eating BBQ and 12 slices of pizza haha
  11. Hwy 1

    Ah yes the good ol days when some of the NorCal VFRD guys actually had VFRs
  12. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Those are some pretty nice pics. Where'd you get em?
  13. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    This. TC and I had a good laugh once about Ed's riding style - I think right after the French-Meadows-Dam-late-braking incident. That's part of why it was shocking to hear he got taken out in the simplest - and in the grand scheme of speedy street riding, least dangerous - of situations. Makes me think of Nicky Hayden in a way.
  14. Been thinking about doing this for a while...the one year anniversary seems fitting. Back story: Ed (ecn) was one of the hardcore NorCal VFRD riders - he joined pretty much every ride we ever did in the last 5 years. Dude rode like a demon rain or shine, camped like a boss, and had a cracking sense of humor at brisket stops. A genuinely nice guy who seemed to spend every moment on his 5th gen. On July 3rd, 2016 Ed was leading a small group of riders through a construction zone and was hit head-on by an SUV. He survived, but eventually succumbed to his injuries in December 2016. The full story can be found here: I (and many of you I'm sure) have been affected by Ed's accident and passing - personally I've been riding much less, and being more cautious when I do. But let's be honest - that's not what Ed would want. He'd want us all out there shredding in the mountains, making dick jokes, eating BBQ and doing what the NorCal VFRD crew does. So let's do just that in his honor. I'm thinking a "Sierras Greatest Hits" ride - overnighter if people are up for it - Quincy, Gold Lake, Feather River Highway, Wentworth/Icehouse, 108, Monitor...I see you salivating already. Something like this: Day 1 (overnighter): https://goo.gl/maps/ymxwQ31VGuQ2 Day 2 (overnighter): https://goo.gl/maps/9TKr4cU9PMC2 Or single day if your nagging wife won't let you leave for two whole days: http://mapq.st/2shVpAk Please chime in if you're interested in the 22nd (or 23rd as an alternate), and add a note if you're up for an overnighter. We'll sort the final plan based on that. Looking forward to seeing all you hooligans again. IN: BrianF (overnighter) St. Stephen (overnighter, turning 27) RC1237V (overnighter) crazybrother (birthday boy) RichVee4 (Interceptor) Monicai3 (Triumphant) tc339 (overnighter) bayarearider (sort-of overnighter) MAYBE: Duc2V4 (has a job) OUT: jeffyjeff (continentally incongruous) jlpvfr (celebratorily indisposed)
  15. 7Th Gen Tankbag - Oem Or Aftermarket?

    They go around the steering stem on each side. A bit of a hassle at first when taking off to get gas, but I got used to it pretty quickly.