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  1. They go around the steering stem on each side. A bit of a hassle at first when taking off to get gas, but I got used to it pretty quickly.
  2. More like a wife.
  3. My first thought too. Some places here even require them to be one-piece. The 8th look really good in white too. Growing on me.
  4. Damn...I don't really know what to say. Ed was such a nice guy, and super fun to ride with. Always the first to commit to a Bay Area ride, and it seemed like he was there on every single one - from an army of us up in Quincy, to him, dadofseven, and me blazing up into Oregon one weekend. On that Oregon trip Ed and I rode around the gate and camped at the closed Boise Creek Campground - eventually sitting on a picnic table in the pitch dark, passing a bottle of Newton Unfiltered Cabernet back-and-forth and talking about life. The next morning we rode up 299 with him in the lead - puffs of smoke coming off his boot toe every time he dove into a corner at seemingly impossible speeds...and his carbon Remus Grand Prix playing V4 music when he gassed it at every apex. Rest in peace sir.
  5. It is! I did a trackday there on the 7th - when it had about 500 miles on it. You've never felt terror like turn 1 on that baby - but the brakes are really good. Based on my features, you'd think I live at Monitor haha They're a safeguard - careful observers will note that I once had a black set of V35s on the 7th. The left latch broke after a tipover, I fixed it (I thought), and the bag eventually fell off and was hit by a Volvo (not joking). Both the latches on my [used] silver set seemed suspect - so on went the bungees. And eventually off went the bike!
  6. Hey look, a week later I have made pictures! Some of these are from my phone so they suck.
  7. From the album Meet & Greet

    This is why I don't have any friends.
  8. From the album Meet & Greet

    Fat and Fast are only one letter apart.
  9. From the album Meet & Greet

    Sometimes we do it.
  10. From the album Meet & Greet

    5 stars!
  11. From the album Meet & Greet

    Come one, come all.
  12. Thanks for organizing Jeff. Great to see everyone again. Pics will be coming...sometime.
  13. Don't forget Mountain View BBQ in Walker! Great brisket to fill you up after a trip over Sonora Pass on the way to Monitor.
  14. I'm still good for Saturday. Just tell me where to be.
  15. Agreed. I would actually count this section of CA89 as one of my favorite roads on earth. Scenic, never crowded, great (and clean) pavement, and long enough to get tired but not actually crash. I've literally ridden it 20 times in one day.