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  1. Welcome and enjoy the beautiful Honda.
  2. Great idea, dealers doing this will attract more customers. Bring it on.
  3. I went from street triple to vfr, it's a different type of bike and that's what I wanted. Your going from an exciting torque monster to a more versatile all rounder. For excitement I fitted arrows exhaust no baffle and use full revs or can sedately putter around town. For a trip I put on the luggage and recently did 1000kms. Much more stable on the highway due to weight and happy to cruise. The Triumph was always saying go go go. Just depends on what you want. Also it's a beautiful machine compared to an awkward looking bitsa.
  4. Try wd40 in the key hole then turn the key a few times to lube. Turn key and hold in that position while you gently lift the back edge of the cowl.
  5. You don't really need 3 bikes but if you can then why not. You can always sell one later at a good price and no rush. The vfr is a great all rounder, sporty with no luggage, tourer with luggage. I have the top box with back rest which makes it comfy for my daughter when she comes. Your price is a bargain but if u can get the Honda luggage they are brilliant. I'm 65 and recently did 1000 kms over 2 days and found riding position ok but I have some bar risers if I decide to use them. Your taller than me so your legs may be a bit squashed up. It's a beautifully made good looking all rounder bike for city and country. Just what I needed. Good luck.
  6. Thanks will do happily.
  7. Latest update, rode bike sydney to Gold Coast 1000km and no problems. Took it to local Honda dealer while still under warranty. They checked it all out and serviced the bike and found nothing wrong. At least the problem is on the official record if there are any future problems in the Queensland heat.
  8. Could someone have spilt brake fluid on it as the reservoir is right there?
  9. Bloody big is a very obscure unit measurement. That's my point.
  10. Yep I have them and the panniers are quite big while the topbox is bloody big! Topbox upsets the handling if you put a bit of weight in and without the panniers. hope that precisely answers your question.
  11. Bike has only done 5k so coolant is probably original.
  12. Rode today in heavy traffic although not as bad as the other day. Temperature in traffic was 105 or 6. The fan was working and temp dropped when moving.
  13. I do have an arrows slip on exhaust with no baffle hmmm
  14. Fan seems to be operating normally. No further problems but haven't been in stop start conditions yet.
  15. Love that first pic. Bike looks sensational.