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  1. Nice picture... Allthough... Did you choose that location on purpose? In life many of these bikes end up in a similar shredder as in the background of that picture...
  2. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    From my point of view that is a very wise decission.. I have been there more than once.. On the Suzuki endurance racer we had two races where we didn't even finish the qualifying sessions.. Race one was justified to mechanical rebuild issues.. The ( automated) camchain tensioner wheel came off and was lost on the track.. Not something you would fab instantly.. Second race, we suffered on severy oil spills caused by underdesigned breather lines.. But as soon we got these items tackled, we came in 4th on the next race and a #2 spot following that one.. On the VF500F we toasted two engines before we got it right.. Larger oilsump, larger oilpump, fuel delivery and an extra radiator were the mods..But we could only adress these items during race events.. Coming back to the earlier comment I made about a "Wise Decission".. Take it easy, and do your homework right.. Take it to the track and get the experience on short stints.. 20 mins or so.. Then take it to 45 mins stints and so on.. To me.. I never seen a fresh bike build for a Classic Endurance event that has survived the whole race without issues.. That's the samething like running the olympic marathon without any preparation..
  3. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    I could send you the Original needles for a non-cali version... Also bump the slow jets from #38 to #40.. Then start to play with the mains... IIRC we are running #110 on the mains (No aorbox cover, just a flame guard mesh) and open pipes..
  4. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    As far as i know, you can´t get the rear head removed with the engine in the frame.. Allthough the 500 does have bolts on the outer corners of the cilinderhead, instead of studs like the VF750 and VF1000, the timing chain guides cause trouble. You can´t raise the head far enough to clear these guides..
  5. About yhe age to turn the About the age to turn the SP2 into a ST1300 or a GL and keep the VF for the twisty shortcuts in life...
  6. Dude, with that trunk, the way you have it set up.... It looks like you don't want to have that trunk to be part of your bike.. We need to talk dude.. Seems like the Baltic experience has done some brain damage...
  7. VF1000R motor into a VF1000F?

    Nope, the head gaskets are identical for all model years VF1000F, VF1000R and VF1000FF/F2 engines.. What differs is the valve cover gasket. The 1984 VF1000F has a straight valve cover gasket where the 1985/86/87 VF1000FF/F2/R have half moon shaped inserts attached to the gasket. (linebored cams)
  8. VF500 clutch master cylinder rebuild

    I gues you can, allthough getting that circlip that holds the piston and spring in place can be tricky... Whilst you have to bleed the whole system again, and the risk of having brake fluid drip on precious painted parts, you might be in better control to take the MC off the bars and make the rebuild a bench job. Also gives you a better visual on cleaning the piston area and getting the spring/piston and seals in right.. Juist a thought..
  9. Carb walkthrough vs repair manual. 83 750

    On the VF series, from a seated position: Front left is #2 Front right is #4 Rear left is #1 Rear right is #3 On the carbrail #4 is the one carb where the throttle cables attaches to. That #4 is the carb where all the other carbs have to be synched to...
  10. I have two of those, and SS wire....
  11. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    When you're done.. Every dickhead whants to own it...
  12. Now put on some safetywire on those bolts to get the real performance look..
  13. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Option one: Get a used valve and lap the surface to match the valve seat.. Option two: get a good used replacement on the cilinder head.. I do have used valves... I do have complete heads with lapped valves and new seals installed.. I killed two engines on the conrods done to racing. But both engines had their head work done.. They are good.. Let me know if interested.. ( A whole head would be a killer on the shipment costs i think)
  14. 86 vs 87 vfr700 wiring harness

    Wiring harnes is different. '86 models have an extra pick-up on the cam that is wired seperately to the CDI. Also there is a seperate Yellow/Green wire coming from the CDI box. This wire is responsible for the tach signal and triggering the fuel pump. The '86 has a 6 pin, a 4 pin, a 2 pin plug and a spearate wire on the CDI unit. On the '87 the fuel pump relay is triggered by the red/yellow wire from coil #4. The yellow /green still is the tacho signal wire, but has a different signal and doesn't trigger the fuel pump relay. The '87 has two 6 pin connectors on the CDI.