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  1. Not to worry that kind of thing happens ALL the time in my town!!!! :blink: When are you coming back to Western PA to ride at Beaverun???? :offtopic:
  2. I'm sorry NESBA bagged that track day. I was planning on making the short trip to the track to spectate that day and catch up with some of my buddies who race WERA. I also looked forward to meeting you as you and I traded a couple emails regarding the weather conditions around here before that weekend. I'm signed up for the May 5th NESBA day. I was just out in the garage putting some time in on my Hawk GT and VTR getting them both ready for the 5th. Right now it's snowing here in the south western PA area. Kind of a snow rain mix. More rain than snow but just cold enough to make me feel like NOT working on bikes.
  3. Lifttruck


  4. Hey, That guy in the Picture looks familiar. Denny
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