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  1. For a variety of reasons my '09 VFR800 has been mothballed for the last 18 months. And not, sadly, in a nice cozy garage but in a carport with a bike cover. Today I decided to check the inside of its fuel tank, praying that rust hasn't gotten a toe hold. In my case, seemingly not, if this photo mosaic can be believed. I should not that iPhones aren't the best tool for peering through the gas cap. I think I have the orientation right.



    inside VFR fuel tank.jpg

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  2. Thanks for sharing your repair. Always great when someone comes up with a fix to keep our old bikes 100% functional.


    I would only note that 3rd gen fuel gauge and low fuel light are extremely pessimistic. At least they were on my '91 and '92 VFR750s. Their low fuel lamp lit just when the gauge hit E, but the tank was about 1/3 full. Seems that Honda never got the calibration right.

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  3. On the topic of hand controls, by coincidence did the same for my 6th gen's clutch & brake levers (similar to the 3rd thru 8th gens). The old grease becomes sticky over time and I've found that spritzing WD40 or similar on them in place doesn't do all that good a job of cleaning.

         When removed the levers can be dismantled, a tricky but not impossible task for those too inclined. That also gives access to clean the master cylinder pivot which ensures the smoothest possible response to input.


    VFR levers.jpg

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  4. 16 hours ago, JZH said:

    Also not from waaayyyy back, but still pretty far back.

    Is that an Aerostich you're wearing?


    16 hours ago, JZH said:

    The FL was my original 1990, bought new in California.  Retired it after 60,000 mi or so,

    I like my other VFRs but my FM is still my favourite, wish I could have kept it. Was going strong at a tic under 90,000 km.

  5. 12 hours ago, Skids said:

    bike just starting to move and I clearly didn't feed her enough revs and she stalls

    Glad to hear it wasn't a more serious injury. Even better that you'll have the Texas MotoGP to distract you.

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  6. 57 minutes ago, St. Stephen said:

    Ok Lorne, you got me sucked into this topic.

    Oh darn 😉

    Love the photo, really does look like the top o'the world.


    And going back another 20 years - long before Soichiro Honda dreamed of his first VFR - here I am with my '72 BSA Rocket Three. 


    Lorne & BSA.jpg

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    1 hour ago, Terry said:

    This was the bike

    I remember reading the magazine articles about the VF750F and being amazed. They looked like something from the future. Repeat with the '86 VFR750 and RC30. That might explain how I've come to own a series of Honda VFRs over the past 3 decades.

  8. Two days after buying the VFR I got caught out by loose sand on a highway exit and down I went. Skinned knee and separated A-C joint (collarbone) for me and some plastic damage to the VFR. Three weeks later we were both back on the road, definitely nervously on that first ride.


    A couple months later I took a longish day trip: ferry to the mainland, Hwy 1 to Hope, north on Hwy 5 over the Coquihalla to Merritt, Hwy 8 to Spences Bridge, then back on Hwy 1 to the ferry terminal at Tsawwassen, and back home. About 750 km/450 miles and 2 90-minute ferry rides.


    This photo is on the Coquihalla with Yak Peak in the background. Despite appearances, I am not praying but it's clear why I never had an acting career.



    VFR on Coquihalla w:Yak Peak, May '93.JPG

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  9. 5 hours ago, Rodan said:

    We have friends living in Cody now, and get up that way every couple of years.  I need to take a bike with me next trip!


         These videos of Chief Joseph and Beartooth from my 2011 trip ought to give you some incentive 😉






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  10. Beartooth Pass in Wyoming is better known, but nearby Chief Joseph Scenic Byway is no slouch. Definitely scenic, but also terrific fun on motorcycle, with smooth pavement and open sweepers. But if you are in the neighbourhood, along with Yellowstone National Park and Beartooth Pass, CJSB is worth a visit.


    Btw, this pic is from the homeward leg of my June 2015 Colorado trip.



    CJSB 2015.jpg

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  11. 2 hours ago, Grum said:

    Might be worth doing a "critter nest" inspection check in the airfilter box!


    That is a great idea, Grum, so I just took a look. Thankfully, my airbox hasn't become a varmint condo, and the filter is pretty darned clean.

    On the downside, a very noticeable rattle at idle indicates the cam chain tensioners need attention. Or perhaps the clutch basket. But my money is on the tensioners. Oh joy!



    airbox & filter check - VFRD.jpg

  12. 17 hours ago, Ctvfr said:

    the bike wants to lean to the right at very last 10’ of travel before coming to a stop. 

    It's never a bad idea to perform some routine maintenance on your brakes. But I am very dubious that you problem is caused by one side of your front brakes being less effective than the other. From the early '70's most disc-braked bikes had so on only one side, and many current bikes are the same. If there was a significant torque reaction it would have been noticed by now.

  13. 1 hour ago, fabio222 said:

    Stunning paint job. Do you need to change the oil or run a cleaner through the fuel system or anything? 

    I haven't changed the oil & filter, but I will in the coming weeks - whether or not I decide to put it back on the road. Handily, the tank is near empty so I'll have to refill it as well. The battery was stored indoors, and kept on a battery tender. Cosmetics, hydraulics, electrical connections, and more are worth thinking about, too.


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  14. For a variety of reasons I last rode my VFR over a year ago - zero miles in 2023. Today I threw off the cover, dusted off the cobwebs, cleaned and lubed the chain, then replaced the battery and started it for the first time in a few months. Fingers' x'd that I'll manage to get a ride in this year.



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