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  1. Looking for words of wisdom what works. Want upgrade to LED 6000 k headlights an not loose headlight modulation on my gen4 1997 Honda vfr that I've upgraded to use h4 bulbs many years ago. I don't ride at night anymore so night vision is not a issue. I know space will be a issue behind headlight mounts an in fairing.
  2. Found these if will fit an allow pulsing https://www.xenonpro.com/h4-9003-hb2-dual-beam-hi-low-beams-led-headlights-kit
  3. Any words of wisdom what can be done on a gen4 to upgrade to H4 LED's white 6000k an have them pulse? I've all ready upgraded to better H4's an added the pulse of head lights many years ago its bullet proof many miles passed test of time. Want upgraded look of headlight shine an lesson electrical load on system an not loose headlight pulse. I don't ride at night anymore so night vision via certain bulbs or gadgets not needed. Want stay OEM with bulb h4 mount an space behind an in fairing I know will be a issue with going LED an keep the pulseing headlight's
  4. FYI some old pics at various stages of my gen4 that's still going strong. https://www.bikepics.com/members/joefoefrombuffalo
  5. Link doesn't work. FYI use to be a place that did upgrades on gen4's to if I recall 838cc many years ago. Place purchased a kit from Europe an added things found to work including full suspension work if wanted. Name might have been dynohm owners name was Brian law located in Canada between Kingston an Montreal. I almost purchased one they made. A friend purchased it an put many hard miles on it. He since passed away not sure what happed to it
  6. Digi or I have been using/prefer a Sportvue
  7. Ya the K5's are nice....The K3's are way louder though! I think the K5's are meant for inter city subways to produce many different tones to get more to notice them when used.
  8. Well after I replaced my stock horn on my 97 with a Stebel Natilus Horn that I hid under my left side fairing and I relayed to get full power to it safely with nice relay system from Eastern Beaver I wanted more horn power so I added a set of Hella SuperTones that I also used a Eastern Beaver Relay to get full power to them. I wanted even more horn power so I added three Nathon Airchime Horns Take a look at The Hornyest VFR!
  9. Very nice. I may do the same to my Givi's now.
  10. I post vids on this website http://s177.photobucket.com as you can see below http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w219/Jo...e_from_Buffalo/
  11. Very nice! One thing I would change if I was you.. The way you have the bike wired to the case before you forget to unplug the case when you remove the case from the bike. I would try to use some thing more like the way Givi wires bike to case with these that allows easy removal that you don't have to remember to unplug the wires. http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/2031/169/ http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/3674/169/ Ya I know these only have two wires and you need more then two wires. Ya could use two of each or look for one that has four wire connections.
  12. Joe Foe from Buffalo


    Please tell me the details on the after market plates you have between your frame and rear sets (foot pegs). Like who makes them or website and who you purchased them from. Great looking bike by the way.
  13. Ya datz what I was thinkin. Or I could flip the VTR blades and they would work better then my originals is more my idea on this possible Gen4 mod. I'm just not sure if they will still fit or how much better the air flow is.
  14. Well the 2000 and 1997's use the same fan blade part #'s (67875-001)....Hmmm........? I wonder if it the VTR fan blade 19020-MBB-003 will help my Gen 4 / 97.......................? Gen 4 Radiator Gen 5 Radiator I'm thinking no cause the fan on my 97 faces forward compared to the side on 2000. Anyone have two cents to offer on this?
  15. Anyone have info on this working on a Gen 4 (94-97)?
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