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  1. No. This is incorrect, the SMC does not have a reservoir, so therefore it cannot push new fluid through. It also does not operate from the force of the rear brake pedal, it works with the movement of the front tire and friction of the brakes which causes the SMC to operate. You must do it the way I've listed to bleed it correctly. I've stated this on the front page. The caliper does not have to be high up, the bleed screw has to be facing up. That's all that's required, just like in the main tutorial picture.
  2. I haven't been here for a while, but I'm glad everyone is making good use of this guide! For those that are not pumping the SMC manually, that's completely ok, but just remember that the fluid between the SMC and the rear proportional control valve still has old fluid in it! If you're ok with that, then by all means skip that step :D
  3. Are we looking at the same bike?! haha.. my bike isn't clean!! I'm sure it's cleaner than most, I bought it with 5,500km on it so it was always stored, hardly ridden! It's got almost 20,000km on it now but it needs a good taking apart and clean next spring for sure!
  4. Hey, the picture looks like it's actuating the SMC but it's really not. This is the same line that fills the SMC so you can bleed the LPCV and the rear caliper centre bleed screw via the SMC. Hope that clears that up
  5. I wish I took pictures of where I mounted mine. VERY easy if you separate them. All I required additionally was a small L bracket. I'll be taking the front end apart, I might take off the fairings and take some pictures. Essentially, I mounted the compressor where Boneman mounted his horn, perfectly upright. I mounted the horn in the stock location using the stock bracket, I just had to use some heavy duty wire to mount the original bracket to the horn.
  6. You're right! I actually did use medium strength lock tite when i assembled everything so i will update the original post when i get to my computer!
  7. This guide was created because I couldn't seem to find one that was very thorough and included pictures of all procedures. This guide requires the use of Speed Bleeders as it makes life so much easier! You can follow this guide using the old school method as well, but it will require more time and patience. Readers Notes: Left and ride side are determined as if you were sitting on the motorcycle. Images come after descriptions. Initialisms: LBS: Linked Braking System LPCV: Left-side (Servo) Proportional Control Valve (Battery side) RPCV: Right-side (Rear) Proportional Control valve
  8. Found this video from a local site describing how important it is to setup the ergonomics of your bike to fit you! Riding season is approaching for some and I thought this would be a great refresh for some new rides and old alike! I now remember that my clutch and brake levers definitely required me to lift my wrist up to wrap my fingers around the lever.. will definitely take some time to make all my adjustments!
  9. 227 downloads

    This is the missing map from Dynojet's website for the PCV. 2006+ Leo & Vince aftermarket slip ons Power Commander 5 Aftermarket or stock air filter Dynojet 02 Eliminators
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