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  1. Mehhh, it's been working just fine. Guess I'll take my chances.
  2. Just installed one this weekend. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/69159-6th-generation-stebel-installation-clean-and-simple/
  3. Spent a few hours today and got my Stebel Nautilus horn installed. After separating the compressor/motor unit from the horn, I found great spots for it inside the upper right side faring. I had a Stebel Nautilus horn on my FZ6 and I loved it. 139dB of derailing freight train goodness. Enough to wake up the most inattentive driver out there. For this installation I had to separate the motor/compressor from the horn unit. This is done by prying up on the compressor nipple that is inserted into the horn. The compressor was also glued to the plastic horn section, so some additional prying was ne
  4. The ground is connected to the negative battery terminal - it's spliced into the negative wire already attached to the negative terminal for my SAE plug. I looked for a close switched power source to my fuseblock and the tail area was the closest and easy to check because fo the conenctor right there. I simply unplugged the connector and used a mutlimeter and checked the wires for 12VDC when the ignition was ON and no voltage when the ignition was OFF. I stripped and soldered on the wire for a solid connection.
  5. THAT'S the picture I should have taken!! Thanks for posting it (great minds think alike...)
  6. Date: April 22, 2011 Cost: $100.00 CDN (shipping included) Purchased: Fuzeblocks.com Manufacturer:Fuzeblocks.com Mod Time: 30 min Part No.: FZ1 I originally purchased the FZ1 Fuseblock back in May 2010 and it was originally destined for my FZ6 but I never got around to installing it (lucky for me). Fuzeblocks.com has designed a fuse block that is easy to install and fits into a small space. The on board relay offers the choice for any device to be switched on or off automatically with the vehicle or to be powered constantly. I found a decent place for it under the seat on the rig
  7. Got them installed and all I can say is this was $300 well spent! Thank you all who have previously posted about Helibars. The information was invalubale! Here is my little write up. Full details are also here on my site: Boneman's VFR Site - Helibars Date: April 22, 2011 Cost: $270.00 CDN (+ $30 USPS shipping + $37 Duty/taxes) Purchased: eBay - NEAFCycle Manufacturer: Helibar Mod Time: 1.5 hours Part No.: HB01003 After doing much research on Helibars on both VFRD and VFRWorld, I decided to invest the $300+ and hoped to increase my comfort level on the VFR. Not that the VFR is unco
  8. Also available here on BonemanVFR.com: http://www.bonemanvf.../rgsliders.html Cost: $170.00 CAD (+ shipping) Purchased: http://www.rg-racing.com Manufacturer: R&G Racing Mod Time: 3 Hours Part No.: CP0073 Frame sliders were the first mod I ever did to my FZ6 and I figured I should also do them to my VFR. I did some research on various different brands and mounting applications and settled on the direct mount R&G frame sliders. These had good reviews from fellow VFR owners and I like the fact that they are directly attached to the engine mounting rod, which should hold up better
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