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  1. Hey , just letting you know I found that camera you inquired about. I posted a few pics to my original post. Thanks for the proper psi for my regulator also, runs much smoother now, Mike.

    1. squirrelman


      OK !  please direct me to the post you're referring to.................camera ??


      ride safe and regards, jerry

      9-26-21 new c 004.JPG

    2. Rattymike69


      great work, just like my bikes.  you don't gotta camera ?




          note: stock pump is 3 psi.



  2. Hello all, first post to the site. Bought an 86' vfr700f about a month ago. Had been dropped on its right. Tore right into it repairing bad wiring jobs, rebuilding carbs,engine adjustments and two weeks of fiberglassing/sanding body panels. Finally got everything done,or so I thought, and found the fuel pump was intermittently working, the bottom of the pump was burnt, contacts were welded and the soldered wire was broke off. I was bummed. So I ended up getting a Mr. Gasket 42s pump and a regulator (set at 1.5 lbs) and my old girl came to life. Man what a feeling after all that, was only one thing left to do, so on with the gear and out on the road we went. Wow!! I had forgotten how much power this bike had,or how much fun I had missed after selling mine years ago. This is what my life had been missing, but never again. Will be posting plenty more as my vfr journey begins here in the mtns of NC . Thanks for having me. Mike
  3. Hello from Maggie Valley,NC. I'd really like to have a copy of the stl files , I have 5 3d printers. My 86 700f is missing both sides.
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