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  1. Hey guys after 3000 miles and a half a season of ownership although this bike is amazing and awesome I dont think its exactly what I'm looking for. My bike history has been CB750, Honda 919, Harley Super Glide, now the VFR. I'm definitely missing the CB750/Super Glide feeling and dont need the performance of the VFR either necessarily. So i'm offering the bike up for sale/trade. its a 2010, manual. Just under 11,000 miles (subject to change as I still ride) and the only damage is a small scuff on the right side engine cover from the first owner apparently dropping it at a standstill. Bike has Dam exhaust, tank grips, full luggage, helibars, two Zero Gravity windscreens (double bubble and touring), another windscreen (I think Puig?), T-Rex frame sliders, engine protectors, and bag guards as well. Bike also has the center stand, as well as paddock stands for front and rear. New Pirelli Angel GT tires installed 3,000 miles ago right when i bought it and oil change done then with Honda oil as well. I'm asking $7500, I have some flexibility on the price for cash, and I actually would be open to some trades. My top pick at the moment for a trade is a CB1100 (the newer ones) or maybe a Triumph, Guzzi, something more classic and laid back, cruiser style almost even. I could be open to some cruisers although i'm picky about metric ones. I actually possibly would be open to a running classic car or something small/fun convertible maybe like a miata or something? But i'm listing these all in order of preference here. Located in Buffalo NY. Let me know if you guys have any other questions!
  2. I may not have a lot to contribute as i've only owned my 2010 for a couple months now. That being said at low RPMs while riding or sometimes even idle i can hear my engine kind of make a similar knocking sound. Not like really heavy knocking but just kinda almost a ticking but a bit heavier than that? My bike only has 8000 miles and no symptoms of any issues otherwise so I just assumed it doesn't like riding at low RPMs and try to remember to avoid that.
  3. Awesome! How do you like it compared to the FJR? I rode an FJR at a demo day and it kinda sold me on sport touring which is how I ended up here. I just got my 2010 last week and agree, the VFR is a beast I'm sure you'll love yours!
  4. I may have to! I've never ridden in Canada but I've always wanted to. I'm about 20 minutes from the border.
  5. Extra pics from a short trip this weekend, I like the angle of the first but the scenery is hard to beat too
  6. Sorry it's not an "action shot" per se, but my new 7th gen on my first little trip to the finger lakes in NY state. I fit so many delicious pies in this bad boy to bring home. I love it.
  7. Thank you all! I edited my post to include a photo of my bike from a quick taco run I did today. I learned the VFR is really not super fun in traffic but it's a blast if you take the country roads home lol. Loving this bike more and more. Still torn on the frame sliders/bag protectors. This bike is easy to maneuver and flat foot, and they are rather unsightly. But I'm afraid if I dropped it the fairing or bags would crack pretty quickly and I'd be stuck paying the same price as sliders for a replacement.
  8. Hey guys! Just picked up a 2010 1200F a week ago, finally got tires/inspection done and I took it out, holy crap I'm already in love. This is my 5th bike I've owned, I've had a KZ400, CB750, CB919, and a Harley Super Glide before this. I'm blown away by this bike so far, this engine is an absolute gem, and the bike handles better than anything I'm used to (despite some complaints i've been reading about the suspension). I was lucky to get one with a center stand, nice exhaust, and full luggage including the OEM top box. I live in Western NY and love making longer trips around to the more fun riding areas, and this seems like the perfect bike for the job. I've been struggling lately on whether or not i should bite the bullet for frame sliders/luggage protectors from T Rex. I had them on my 919 and they did save the bike during a parking lot drop. I normally wouldn't care so much, but from what I've seen the luggage and replacement fairings are pretty much non existent for this bike at this point is that correct? I'm torn because the bike looks so streamlined without them. A previous owner did drop the bike already so the engine cover is scuffed, it would kind of be nice to cover that up too haha. Does anyone have any recommendations or maybe can sway me to go ahead and pull the trigger? I see myself owning this bike for quite some time so it might be a worthwhile investment. Anyway just wanted to say hello, maybe I'll add a picture at some point when it stops raining... Glad to be here!
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