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  1. Hi interceptor, try this website to see if it provides accurate mapping for your area regarding ethanol-free filling stations. That's how I originally found the one in my area, many years ago now. All the powersports guys take their equipment there. Quite often when I'm filling up, there's always a boat, or a couple motorcyclists, or a guy filling gas cans. They know the secret to better mileage is to skip the corn juice and use the good stuff 🙂 LINK -- https://www.pure-gas.org/
  2. Only 2800 Miles?! She's not even broken in yet! Nice find!
  3. Haha, you performed a PAIR valve mod and fixed your annoying sound all in go. Great success 😄
  4. I was looking at some feedback from various sources, and I stumbled across this device: https://thedigisync.com/ While it seems to be a bit expensive for a one-time adjustment, it may be handy to have for future needs. What do you think? I know on the VFR, there is one valve that is set in place as a reference.... I think the second from left is the reference valve (the one that doesn't have a screw). I know that something like this would have been handy to have on my old V45 Sabre! That thing NEVER wanted to start and I was always terrified of digging in and synching FOUR CA
  5. Nah, I usually pick the lowest octane rating available since I figure it's not necessary to run 92 in my VFR. However, there is a chance since my Acura takes 92 that I may have filled up with supreme out of habit last time. I'll make sure to specify regular next time and see if it helps! Anyone who lives in the Seattle area can find a filling station in Issaquah that doesn't use Ethanol in their gas. It's the only fuel depot that I have found within 50 miles of my house that doesn't add Ethanol to their holding tanks. I always make it a point to use the gas in my car; and the point
  6. Hehe, if I wanted the honeymoon phase, I would have gotten an 8th gen (and spent at least $3500-4000 more than I spent on my '99). However, eventually if I get rid of my 5th gen, an 8th gen might be the way to go since I like the updates to the bodywork more than the 6th gen. How do you like the 8th gen vs. the 5th gen regarding performance, handling, etc? One thing I find hard to give up is the gear-driven cams that they got rid of for the 6th gen. Honda kept complicating the VFR as they increased the generation timeline... while they also increased the weight a bit 😞
  7. It actually seems to do fine when "choked" (idle adjusted since the '99 doesn't have an actual "choke" like the 4th gens). A little warbly initially but maintains idle fine upon adjustment. However, regarding valves, would you recommend adjusting the starter valves first before going for the engine valvetrain?
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll use the idle adjust "choke" and live with the quirkiness. Will certainly be testing and possibly replacing battery soon, too. It's been gross weather lately so it gave me time to do some maintenance items.
  9. Hi GreginDenver, thanks for your reply. As mentioned, my bike has around 56k on the clock. I'm sure it's due for an engine valve adjustment, but honestly I'm probably not going to worry about it. There was a bit of ticking on idle but after I recently switched to Motul 300V Full Racing Synthetic, it seems to have quieted down the valve ticking almost completely. I have the PDF of the Honda Shop Manual and have already pulled off a few repairs of my own (pulled the clutch piston and speed sensor for cleaning as well as learned how to replace the plugs). The DID front sprocket and ch
  10. Thanks for your question, Lorne. I use choke pretty much after the first crank-over. She's always reliable when she's warmed, but cold starts are a bit of a fuss. And yeah, she's a '99 so any bike this old is going to eventually need some TLC, hence my aforementioned repairs. You would just recommend setting the "choke" (read: idle adjustment lever" a bit when first starting it and then going about my business once it runs for a minute or so?
  11. Hey Viffer Crew.... just a quick question! When my '99 VFR is cold (read: sitting in the garage overnight or sitting long enough to let the engine cool down completely later in the day), the bike is somewhat hard to start. Cranks up and fires but dies immediately on the first try; second try is a little extra power but then cuts out again; on about the third try, it seems to work okay but all my lights, etc. pulse / dim like voltage isn't sufficient. Lights, dash, etc. (all electrics) are a little weak at first, just like the initial RPM struggles. I move the "choke" le
  12. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Beautiful VFR! Question, as I have the Delkevic high-mount exhaust.... which mounting frame is that? I used to have the Givi Monokey system on my previous VFR but it hooked onto the lower passenger pegs. Due to my high-mount exhaust, I can't really do this. I see yours only attaches to the grab hook mounts. Which Givi part number is that?
  13. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    What rear case mount is that behind the seat? I have been looking for a good hard case for my 5th gen.
  14. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    NICE! I love the gold wheels almost more than I love the white wheels that I sometimes see people put on these! Did you powder coat them?
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