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  1. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Beautiful VFR! Question, as I have the Delkevic high-mount exhaust.... which mounting frame is that? I used to have the Givi Monokey system on my previous VFR but it hooked onto the lower passenger pegs. Due to my high-mount exhaust, I can't really do this. I see yours only attaches to the grab hook mounts. Which Givi part number is that?
  2. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    What rear case mount is that behind the seat? I have been looking for a good hard case for my 5th gen.
  3. RedMist

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    NICE! I love the gold wheels almost more than I love the white wheels that I sometimes see people put on these! Did you powder coat them?
  4. Not sure of the MM of "thicc"-ness 😄 that they offer; however, the exact model in that picture is what I use whenever I'm on the job and doing projects around the house. They're hard to tear, unlike other weaker nitrile gloves I've used... even when digging and twisting out stubborn-rooted weeds in my driveway and sidewalk (those ones that dig down deep into the concrete and require force to extract the roots out of cracks and holes). Company website is here: http://sempermedusa.com/products/semperforce However, if you're looking for the ultimate in robust toughness, th
  5. Can confirm -- when I snipped off the plug connector and used a crimp-connector to join the R/R and the Stator together and then wrapped with electrical tape, the wire temperature seemed to drop a bit. Initially it was getting a bit hot and I was getting worried it would end up melting when I took the bike out on the road. So far it seems to be holding stable. Furthermore, the voltage stays consistent at around 14.2-14.4 V and when I rev to 5k and beyond, the voltage neither drops or increases more than 0.2-0.3 V . Before I replaced my stator, revving to 5k would see me down in the
  6. WOW! I bet that's what mine looks like. I have a clump of grease covering the swivel joint at the kickstand level. It's probably a sign of things to come... Although thanks to working a side job for a cleaning company, I have access to these bad boys that are tough as nails...
  7. Aerodynamics; although with the flower making one a bit "light-footed", rear-wheel traction can become an issue.... 😆
  8. I managed to get it off no problem once I got myself turned around the correct direction. Now I'm looking at my chain and sprocket and thinking... hmm, this could use a replacement and a clean-up! Lots of grease gets thrown around everywhere with these single-sided arms. I can't imagine what the front sprocket chamber looks like... 😬 I now remember it like it was yesterday; and I also remember that these VFR's send you down a maintenance and "refresh" rabbit hole 😆 It started with a simple stator replacement!
  9. Ha! I didn't expect this many helpful replies! You guys are all awesome 🙂 God Bless!
  10. Hi everyone -- First-time poster; second-time 5th gen owner. I have an (easy) chain adjustment question! I searched all over and couldn't find this information... it was quite a forum scour job across Google. I'm the kind of person who actually reads the aisle signs in grocery stores before I ask for help (novel concept!). That said, I cannot for the life of me remember how to loosen the rear swingarm pinch bolt that seems to be torqued on with the might of Hercules. I even went so far as to download the manual for the bike but even there they just say "Install the brak
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