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  1. Mystery solved! It was the speedometer app I downloaded and used that day to verify the VFR's speedometer that kept running in the background with a warning at anything over 20 kph. I initially didn't hear it because of the wind and must've forgotten about it. Also explains the mystery battery drain that day... I initially thought it was a warning beep to warn you that you have a passenger riding 2-up lol. It made sense since I could only hear it at low speeds, though the fact it completely disappeared at anything below 20 kph and kept going at anything above 20 kph was strange indeed for a passenger caution warning lol.
  2. Hey all, I have a question regarding a 2003 VFR800A. For some reason, the bike makes a beeping sound 13 times, followed by a pause of 30 seconds if I remember correctly, then it repeats for the duration of the ride. It seems to constantly do it whenever I ride 2-up, and I believe it did only one time while I was riding solo. No lights on the dashboard. Anyone have any idea?
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