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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but I've tried searching the forum for 6th gen led replacements and can't find a thing(most likely don't know how to use the search function correctly). Well here's my question, I just noticed yesturday that one of my low beam bulbs are out. I'm wanting to switch from the halogen bulbs to LEDs and just wondering what Amazon/eBay/and so fourth specials everyone is running and have had good luck with? I'm going to be working afternoons in the next week so driving home in the dark will be the norm for me and my girlfriend wants
  2. Going to be looking at the bike Saturday morning. Anything I should be on the look out for on a 2008? All maintenance and work has been done at Honda, no recalls done(but I haven't heard of any recalls for 06+ vfr's). Guess I'll have to take a bunch of pics and some videos
  3. Hahaha true true. But this girl has put with my car addiction so she is definitely a keeper. I'll just hide it at my brother's place haha
  4. It's the only 6th gen for sale in sk right now and I have a feeling it'll be the only one for a while. With the accessories and parts changed it's around the same price as bikes without the accessories from what Kijiji shows me for the rest of Canada. I was thinking if I did have to sell it I'd be able to make money back on it too. I can just see my girlfriend's face already when I roll up home on the bike(sleeping at my parents for awhile lol). My brother has offered to go with me to look at it this weekend, his no help in trying to talk me out of it lol
  5. Lol yeah I wish I could but I've already taken over half her garage with my project car haha. I know she would not be ok with the idea but she would get over it eventually lol
  6. They are only asking $4000 cdn but I'm sure I could get them down to $3500 maybe $3000 if I'm really lucky. I just looked at the ad and all the pics are off the right side off the bike so they might be hiding something. They are about 2 hrs away from me which I'd be perfectly fine driving 4 hrs to just check it out. As for the clutch pack and such I'd think just maintenance they thought had to be done(shrug). Here are a couple of pictures of the bike. It was late when I got home from work so pictures of the bike didn't cross my mind. The big problem is getting the girlfriends
  7. It seems like the bike has been really taken really good care of. It does have abs, here's a screenshot of the ad listing. One of the big selling point for me is the complete Honda hard luggage that is color matched and then km's/miles seem decently low
  8. Hi everyone, My name's Jonny and I'm from the central area of the great white north. I don't have a vfr yet but hopefully will in the near future. They have always been a bike that has caught my eye. I've had a couple bikes when I was younger, 03 gsxr 600(got into quite a bit of trouble) and a 09 drz400sm(got into trouble but in different ways). Sold the gsxr and got the drz then had problems with our friend city protectors, sold that and haven't had a bike for a few years now. I've been looking in my area for used vfr's and have found a 2008 vfr with 42k km(about 25k miles) t
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