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  1. PRICE REDUCED: Up For sale: 2007 RWB. Only 5100 miles on it. 2nd owner, purchased from collector, thru dealer in 2019. Bike had 4200 miles on it when I purchased it. Runs perfect. Shifts like butter. Everything works as new. Not a scratch or blemish on it. Paint shines like new. Had the dealer go completely thru the bike when purchased. New fluids, battery, everything. Bike never had bags on it, so I put brand new (yes, you can still get them from Honda) OEM bags on it. It already had the tail piece. The tank had one small imperfection in the surface when I got it, so I had a new OE tank put on it (Yes, you can still get those as well). That means the inside of the tank is also brand new. Only mod is a Givi touring windscreen. Still have original windscreen if buyer prefers. Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires w/ less than 1k miles on them. Bike has always been kept clean and waxed, climate-controlled parked. Never in the rain (while I've had it, and as far as I can tell, never). This is undoubtedly the nicest 07 anywhere, a barely-broken in 13 year old. I just don't ride it enough and need the space for something else I've got my eye on. (we have 7 others in the garage now). Losing money on the sale as it is, but you never come out ahead on a work of passion 🙂. Bike is perfect and just needs to go to a collector or serious '07 guy. $4500, and well worth the asking price. Will not ship, but happy to facilitate pick-up, etc. Lots of pics available to seriously interested buyer. Bike located in Tampa, FL. PM me if interested. Thanks and safe riding, everyone!
  2. Actually, we've got 3 VFRs in the garage (counting this one) and we'll probably put them all up for sale shortly. We are going to switch over to some ADV riding, so sales will go towards funding a couple of new Africa Twins. Thanks, everyone. Keep an eye out in the classifieds. You'll see some nice VFRs up for sale shortly. 🙂
  3. Thanks for the replies and thoughts. Much appreciated. I'll probably keep it and sell something else. Gives me something to ride when wife is on her '18 CBR1000R anyway, LOL.
  4. OK, I'm thinking about selling my 07' RWB and would like some input from the group. 2nd owner. Bought it Mar 2019 from local shop, who scooped it up only a day or two earlier from the original owner. Bike is absolutely pristine, now only 5k miles on it. Everything looks/runs/rides like off the showroom floor. I added brand new OE bags and a touring windscreen, previous owner put the tail cowl on it. Not a scratch on it and the paint shines like new everywhere. It is probably the nicest 07 anywhere. I'm only thinking about it because there are too many in the garage now (8), and I need room for something else. Question for the group: Before I go to the trouble of listing and trying to sell this, do you think there would be sufficient interest among serious collectors/buyers? (If not, I'll probably keep it and sell something else...) Thanks for any input!
  5. Cycleworld of Daytona Beach has a local guy that does it for them. That's where VFRtiger got hers. They do a multi-piece kit that includes dash, triple tree top, ignition key surround, fuel filler surround, tank and tail accents. Give them a call and talk to their parts and accessories folks.. (386) 257-2600.
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