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  1. Just bought a Silver powder coated 8 spoke wheel from England via eBay.
  2. Installed a 45T sprocket and SpeedoDrd today. It feels much better with the 45T and lets me keep it in Vtec instead of transitioning in and out on my favorite roads.
  3. Went and bought one this morning, didn't work. It can't put enough leverage on the collar to spin it. I removed the shock and moved the preload. This shock should come with a warning that you can't adjust your preload without removing the shock.
  4. 2005 ABS model Just installed the DMr suspension stuff and have hit a bit of a hurdle. There is not enough clearance to adjust the preload collar on the bottom of the shock without the swingarm getting in the way. I have removed the left rear set, but the swingarm creates too much of an angle for the wrench to stay on the collar, it just slips off. I took it for a ride this evening and it was a bit too soft with the preload set on 3, which is where it was when installed. I'm a hair frustrated and would appreciate any input from those with experience with this combo, it looks like an F4 shock btw.
  5. We'll have to stay in touch, I'm in Chattanooga. I went to Suches last weekend and back up 60 to Ocoee and home. Mine is getting the DMr cartridges and rear shock installed on Monday, so I'll be on the Skyway next weekend getting it tweaked a bit.
  6. I did this on mine when I first bought it. The PO had a complete second end section, so I gutted it and screwed the caps back on. It sounds like pure crap, it's way too high pitched and obnoxiously loud. The set that came on the bike looks like it was cut open from the side, a baffle removed and then rewelded. It sounds like crap too, just a bit louder than stock. I ended up getting a Delkevic system and left the baffles in.
  7. They don't sound $800 better than a $400 set of Delkevics.
  8. My bike came with the luggage, but is missing the piece that goes under the mudguard and the piece that connects the bars together at the rear of the bike. And guess what you can't find anywhere...
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