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  1. If you want it fixed Go to Roadstercycle.com and get the Super kit.This is the ONLY true fix.
  2. Thank You, Question, how may miles on shock? Hows it feel when pushed? Ever have customer issues?
  3. Anybody got experience with the YSS rear shock for the fifth gen?
  4. Get the speed bleeders,with all the hoses junctions and linked brakes they really help.Dont forget the one under the seat.Download factory service manual lots of info there. I also saved the old bleeders so if i sell her ill retrieve the speed bleeders. Good Luck.
  5. Exactly my thoughts, changing mine to super hawk fan and installing protection for radiator.
  6. OUTSTANDING! Makes sense got any suggestions/photos on how to fabricate? Thanks.
  7. And I thought I was anal with my VFR.Bet you have it parked in your living room.🏍️
  8. Wow, no eggnog yet, ordering fan,gonna do flush and use engine ice. Thanks sooo much, Merry Christmas.
  9. Also,what improvements did you notice in low speed cooling performance?
  10. Awesome, Thank you. Do yo happen to have a P/N and source for the 12v 4 inch fan you indicate?
  11. Thanks, have already installed manual switch.
  12. Thanks, The 5th gen fan blows in towards engine,OK when not moving but when moving pushes against natural air flow and seems to slow cooling when moving slow.
  13. Hi All,Got a 5th gen. looking to make cooling fan blow out rather than in. have been informed via VFR World that a fan blade off a VTR 250 will work P/N19009-KM3-003.Any one have experience with this? Thanks, Scott.
  14. From the looks of this its not a mosfet,mosfets have a stainless plate on back.Where did you get this RR?
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