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  1. Which regulator do you have? SH847 never gets hot, so you can place it anywhere. I've actually put it underneath battery to use as spacer when going to smaller lithium battery.
  2. Can also get directly from EBC: https://ebcbrakesdirect.com/motorcycle/honda/vfr-800/2002-2005/41411#
  3. Wait! ECU's not OBD2, but uses older K-line protocol? Then forget any kind of generic scan-tool, those won't be talking correct language anyway!
  4. Are there any mods/admins for this site to help HispanicSlammer?
  5. You'll need DLC to OBD2 adapter: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083HRML9H
  6. Valve-clearances actually decreae with wear, so you won't hear any noises. Next thing you know... puft-puft-puft fried exhaust valves!!!
  7. Yeah, since I track my bike, firmer is definitely better. Completely transforms response and handling! If you want cushy ride for street, factory suspension is fine. No need to send to Jamie.
  8. On device with stored password, can you retrieve it from there?
  9. Yup, I do same thing. I doubt Honda makes and packs their own bearings. Sometimes, they get low QA/QC bearing from their supplier with insufficient grease. And not best quality grease either. Like Capt, I prefer to repack my bearings. I do it every other chain & sprocket replacement. Start with cleaning out old grease using brake-cleaner 1st. Unlike oil, grease chemistry varies and aren't compatible. Then pack it full with Mobil-1 synthetic grease (pink stuff). Going on 96k-miles on original wheel-bearings on my VFR750.
  10. Yes, best to upgrade specs on your wiring and not re-do Honda's mistakes by using uncoated bare brass connectors. I got 100-pack of coated connectors and have been slowly going around entire bike replacing old brass ones before they had chance to corrode and cause me problems. Pre-tinned silicone-insulated wiring is also good idea. Do these repairs just once (best as can be done) so you won't ever have to repeat job again. https://www.digikey.com/catalog/en/partgroup/stranded-hook-up-wire-silicone-insulation/40773?col=manufacturer-part-number https://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/0-wsd1471.html https://www.westmarine.com/primary-wire Some good sources for connectors: https://cycleterminal.com https://www.corsa-technic.com https://www.automotiveconnectors.com...terminals.html https://www.easternbeaver.com https://motorcycleconnectors.com
  11. Odd, must be poor plastic-welding job. Post some photos? Laying up some re-inforcement sheet layers sounds like good idea.
  12. Found some photos I did couple years back. On a whim, I took a ride out to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. Already late in afternoon and everyone already had plans, so it's just me and the Ninjette. Came back via Mt. Tam in dark. Park bike in lot and walk up to lighthouse. This is view looking north up coast. By time I arrived, steps down to Lighthouse was locked. Oh well, way too many steps anyway. Lighthouse is WAY..... down there!!! Certainly didn't keep tourists away! Info for tourists Looks like an old dog-house! The caretaker lives in this house, what a view!!!
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